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High Definition video download

If you already enjoyed our live broadcasts, you might be interested in watching other beach and nature videos with a full HD quality and 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Your home theater with Blu-ray player will come very handy as you can now download our featured footage and burn it directly on DVD disc. You also have an option in addition to 1920x1080 to burn in 720p quality and play it in a supported format on your PC, laptop, and other media.
LoungeV is a team of  video specialists who travel and find interesting spots such as beaches, waterfalls, lakes, mountains. Shooting videos of coral reefs and colorful fish meant for different ambient watching. See more details on the official site. For example, a romantic candle dinner and a nice conversation will be well accompanied by the soothing 5.1 Dolby sounds of waves, birds and silent wind coming from your home theater system. These crystal clear films with beautiful natural landscapes are also good for office, setting up the right mood for you and your colleagues. Waiting rooms will give a new look and will relax everyone who needs to spend some time on a chair. Electronics stores will have a nice demo setup to show the best performance of the home theaters, HDTVs and sound systems.
The full HD short video clips are free to use but not allowed for re-selling. Please contact us for the license if you are planning any commercial use of this material.
The short free films are good for demo purposes as it will be in a repeated loop on your player. We offer a limited amount of free HD videos for download but in the nearest future we will launch a dedicated site (which is under construction now) to give you full scale 40-50 minute films. These will be available on a small paypal donation bases as we need to cover our expenses on up-to-date digital equipment and labor.
We now present you the first test mode and hope you'd enjoy it. Feel free to test it out and play on your HD systems.
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