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Andros island, Bahamas

We associate the Bahamas with gorgeous beaches and glorious sunbathing, and Andros Island doesn’t disappoint on either score. There’s a lot more to this natural wonder though, as every visitor is bound to appreciate.

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At 2,300 square miles, this island has a base of porous limestone. Early visitors from Spain named it ‘Espiritu Santo’ - the Island of the Holy Spirit, and it’s easy to understand their sense of reverence.
Once a haven for pirates, Andros is the largest island of the Bahamas, but also the least developed. While every island in the Bahamas has its share of attractions, they’re most abundant on Andros, where there are more opportunities to get involved with nature than anywhere else in this majestic region.
That makes it a very appealing destination for adventurous travelers and relaxation seekers alike.
Andros Island, Bahamas
Andros Island is one of the world’s prime diving locations. The world’s third largest natural reef lies just off its coast, at 225km long. There you’ll find a wealth of brilliant coral in a paradise beneath the surface. The waters attract all manner of marine life, including dolphins and whales. There are enchanting underwater caves to explore. For serious divers the mile-deep waters present some of the best opportunities in the world to enjoy tremendous underwater beauty. The cool Atlantic waters are clean, and the sea-life spectacular. Snorkeling, fishing and kayaking are also popular here, and most other water sports are catered for, with hire shops and qualified instructors.
Visitors to Andros Island are free to enjoy some excellent hiking. Known locally as the ‘Big Yard’, Andros has hidden beaches to be found by trekking through lush mangrove wetlands, forests, channels and flats. It’s a haven for rare birds on their annual migration route, and anyone with an interest is likely to be in their element with a pair of binoculars and a camera. One special feature of the island is a series of blue holes that appear amid the undergrowth inland. There are specialized guided tours where visitors can receive an education in their ecological importance and the medicinal properties of the plants to be found there.
With a population of just over 6,000, most inhabitants live on the West coast, in the 3 major towns of Andros Town, Nicholls Town and Congo Town. There are plenty of facilities for visitors on the island, including restaurants, bars and shops. For those with an interest in locally produced goods, Andros is home to Androsia fabric. From here it’s exported to the rest of the Bahamas, and you can find vibrant colors and interesting designs.
Andros Island is a true delight for visitors. It’s difficult to imagine anyone not being thoroughly enchanted. Those who love to relax on the beach can enjoy some of the most tranquil settings on Earth. The more intrepid can participate in any number of activities that will bring them into close contact with the tremendous natural beauty that surrounds. Most will probably find a perfect balance of the two on the holiday of a lifetime.

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