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El Gouna beaches, Egypt

El Gouna, Egypt

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if an island was man-made in the Red Sea with modern knowledge and infrastructure, an intelligent eye on the environment, every amenity afforded, every luxury presented, sparkling clean beaches and sea the color of sapphire glass? Wonder no more, it has been created. El Gouna is a manmade island of unparalleled luxury and security, built for relaxation and designed to accommodate visitors; it is a city of tourism, intended for that purpose and more amazing for it. Designed, created and owned by one man, El Gouna is the picture of careful planning and imaginative implementation, and the closest man can come to a modern-day Eden.

Some say that if you spent a week on El Gouna, you could live on the beaches and never visit the same one twice. There are a large number of beaches here – all sandy, shallow, clean and warm – always perfect for swimming and exploration. However, you are hardly limited to what man has wrought; there are a plethora of deserted islands off the coast ready for adventure too. Special boat trips arranged by the hotels on the island leave for the smaller islands at regular intervals, or you can charter your own boat and plot a personal course. These can be diving excursions, or exploratory non-dives filled with hours of island hopping, sandy picnics and a swim or two.

Tawila Island is just over an hour’s ride, but it is a pleasurable cruise and, quite often, wild dolphins will accompany the boat to its destination or be spotted playing in the deeper waters. Charter boats bring food and beverage for the guests, and the beach itself is unspoiled with pristine white sands and turquoise, crystalline waters.

Mangroovy Beach is the spot to be if you like a party, and there are plenty of activities in which to indulge, like kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, soccer games on the sand and beach volleyball. Barbeques are popular in the summer sunshine, and beach services supply everything you need from towels to drinks. A bus runs every half hour from downtown El Gouna to Mangroovy.

Mahmeya Island is the only island off shore with its own restaurant, eager to serve delicious meals of pizza, seafood and grilled dishes for your enjoyment. It is kept and maintained in its natural condition and is known for the modern, smooth music playing in the background as you sip beachside drinks on a lazy day. The boat ride out takes about an hour and is well worth it.

Gobal Island is the furthest out at over two hours away, but the island is often considered the most beautiful in the world and thanks to its distance, it is not often that the beach has to be shared. It is an excellent spot for snorkeling and a sumptuous beach picnic.

El Gouna prides itself on supplying every activity for its visitors, including land excursions to popular Egyptian sites. The city is protected by armed guards and the general populace is not allowed on its soil, making it exceedingly safe for the staff and travelers. A one-of-a-kind experience, El Gouna delivers everything you have dreamed of and more, making it a tiny slice of heaven.

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