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Hurghada beaches, Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt

Boasting a massive beachfront of white, shimmering sands and rich, turquoise waters, Hurghada beaches encompass an expansive and impressive 30 kilometers of coast line. It is also the original and first commercial dive base in the Red Sea, starting its motors and taking scuba divers to exotic locales since the 1960s. While the beaches along the coast here are not all individually named, they are plentiful and perfect for taking advantage of the warm, dry climate that graces this area year-round.
Hurghada was once a quiet fishing village, but it boomed with tourism early on and has grown to be one of the most beloved resort destinations in the country, with tens of thousands of visitors every year, especially those from Europe, as Egypt is quite economical and exciting. The beaches at this gateway to the Red Sea are full of Egyptian nationals and foreign guests alike, all looking to the calm, super-clear waters for a bit of fun and finding that fun dished out in spades. The beaches are excellent for all manner of activities, such as snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, beach sports, kite surfing, wind sailing and deep sea fishing to name a few.
It is, however, best known and renowned for its deep-sea scuba diving opportunities, and many excursions to the smaller, outer islands are easily chartered for the curious traveler. Diving, swimming, snorkeling and fishing are available at a number of isolated islands adrift in the Red Sea, or nearby locations include Giftun Island, Shaab Abu Shiban and haab el-Erg. For diving sites alone, there is Umm Gammar Island, Shasb Saghir Umm Gammae, Careless Reef and Abu Ramada Island. For just fishing, try Shaab Abu Ramada, or for diving, snorkeling and fishing – but no swimming – set out for Shadwan Island. For beaches plus swimming, look to Dishet el-Dhaba and Abu Minqar Island. There are many, many destinations for anything water-based you might like to try.
Of course, Egypt is hardly all about the beaches, and there is a good amount of history to be experienced nearby as well. The Red Sea Mountains can be explored by jeep or camel if you are so inclined to witness their rugged beauty, or you can experience the ruins of Gebel Abu Dukhan, a rock quarry of the ancient Romans known for its purple porphyry, which is an igneous rock used in creating stone monuments. This is a fascinating site that had been lost for many centuries until rediscovered in the 19th century.
Also check out the Hurghada Aquarium, sitting not far from the northern hospital in Ad-Dahar. They offer a good selection of the tropical fish found in the area if you would like to see what lies under the waves in the region, but cannot dive or snorkel. It is also excellent for the children to visit and has long opening hours able to accommodate any itinerary.
El Gouna, an incredible, artificially built resort island is also nearby, giving even more options for things to do, including even more boutiques, shops and fine dining than can be found in Hurghada, which has an impressive collection itself. These areas were created with visitors in mind and all budgets catered to, so the entire experience is designed to be unforgettable, amazing and rejuvenating – which it certainly is.
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