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Makadi Bay beaches, Egypt

Makadi bay, Egypt

Beckoning to sun worshippers and water enthusiasts alike is the newer resort of Makadi Bay located on a natural Red Sea bay and offering a long, gorgeous stretch of soft, sun-drenched, pale gold sands and crystal-clear, warm sapphire waters that alternate in ribbons of jade and turquoise for a truly spectacular visual effect. Like most of the coastline in this part of Egypt, visitors are big business, and every luxury is afforded to those who seek relaxation and excitement on these shores.

Makadi Bay offers excellent swimming in warm and shallow waters that are safe for children and beginners. It is also a perfect spot for snorkeling, diving, kite surfing and sailing. Less than 30 kilometers south of the older, bigger resort of Hurghada, it takes only half an hour by shuttle bus to reach Hurghada and explore its marketplace and variety of restaurants. Because Hurghada has been established quite some time, it has been built up a lot and offers an old town to peruse, a museum and a nice aquarium for children and adults alike. Hurghada is worth a visit for the shops, markets, boutiques and chartered trips to isolated islands that dot the Red Sea, offering areas perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving, or fishing.

Makadi Bay will not leave you wanting, either, and you certainly never have to leave it to find something to do. Coral gardens extend out into the shallow waters and are protected from harm by jetties built over them in order to allow divers and other water lovers access to deeper parts. Makadi Bay faces Saudi Arabia and is nestled between the sea and a mountain range, which lights up in glowing reds as the sun dips down behind them, offering a fantastic view.

Excursions to some of the famous sights of Egypt can be arranged here, too, for those who wish to branch out. The Nile River can be accessed and witnessed as it winds its way through the dry lands, bringing life with it. Travel to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor or the Great Pyramids. Visit the beautiful and historic city of Alexandria, but do be aware that Arabic is most widely spoken in Egypt, with resorts catering to English speakers.

If you do not require trips outside of the resort areas, you will find unwinding and relaxation easy and pleasurable. There is always more than just water sports, too, if you prefer such activities as gold, squash or tennis, these can all be accommodated. There are amazing and clean resort swimming pools, with most of the resorts allowing non-guests to use amenities and share pools or loungers.

Picturesque, accommodating, stunning and idyllic, Makadi Bay is a fresh, affordable resort area with access to clean beaches that do not frown on bikini clad women; whereas, the local beaches are more conservative. Here, you can lay back, sip a drink beachside, laze in the sun and work on your tan. Whatever you need and however you want to spend your time, Makadi Bay and its fabulous beaches are eager to assist, and you can be certain that you will make many lifelong memories.

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