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Soma Bay beaches, Egypt

Soma Bay, Egypt

Located on a peninsula and with over ten million square meters of land, Soma Bay is a massive, beautiful resort surrounded on all sides by water and beaches. Accessed by a seven-kilometer private road with one guarded entry point, Soma serves the upper Egyptian elite and foreign visitors in total safety and control. As with most Red Sea Riviera locales, this one is designed for tourists and carries just about every amenity you can think of, if not a few more. Soma Bay has the unique right of claim to a world-class 18-hole, par 72 golf course and golf academy created by the legendary Gary Player.

While the water is calm and flat, it ripples slightly by prevailing winds, which makes Soma Bay a huge draw for kite surfers and windsailing. Also enjoyed are parasailing, canoeing, sea kayaking, boat sailing, diving and snorkeling, as well as swimming and deep sea fishing. The beaches are all clean, pale sands with a stretch of shallows leading gently into the sea, followed by a watery bar of turquoise blue, and then a deeper ribbon of amazing, crystalline sapphire color that all contrasts prettily with the pale azure sky.

Behind the resort lays nothing but open desert and sandy mountains. There are no settlements, making the resort town self-contained with every activity supplied inside the community. Nightlife is lively and spirited with clubs, bars, pubs and discos. There are casinos, shops, boutiques, markets, restaurants, cafes, health facilities and spas. Daylight sees water sports aplenty and light-drenched beaches for the sun worshippers. There is even an extremely rare thalasso spa on site, which uses Dead Sea mud and salt as a catharsis for toxin removal and to promote general well-being. Thalasso treatments have long been used as a curative and restorative process, with no true basis in science or medicine, but as a novelty adventure, it certainly would not hurt.

Being surrounded by the Red Sea on three sides means being surrounded by awesome scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. The Red Sea is renowned and world famous for its abundant marine life native to the area. There are a plethora of bays abounding in the region and a good number of small, isolated islands within an hour’s reach of the resorts situated here. Diving excursions with professional outfitters can be easily organized by any hotel or resort in the area, and there are often on-premises divers that are skilled at accommodating all your diving needs. The coral reefs in the area are healthy, vibrant and teeming with life in the shallower regions, while pelagic sighting can be made in the deeper waters and include white-tip sharks, tiger sharks, and even a few species endemic to the sea. The Red Sea is almost tideless, so water levels remain a constant, meaning you do not have to wait to enjoy the best diving or swimming.

Land excursions can also be packaged, and jeep rides, horseback riding, camel riding and quad bike tours of the desert lands beyond the resort often yield fascinating glimpses into the region’s biodiversity. Sonoma Bay has become the model of balanced environmental tourism and supports only sustainable development, so you know you are not hurting the land by visiting. Peace of mind is plentiful here, as is excitement and relaxation. Infuse your body and spirit with serenity and beauty along the Red Sea with a visit to Soma Bay. You will thank yourself for it.

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