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Public and hotel beaches in Mauritius are maintained in perfect condition. They are cleaned daily, not only from the debris, but also from the remainings of corals and algae. In some places the sand is sifted daily. From Port-Louis to Morne Braban there is a paved road, on one side of which there is a stretch of beaches, on the other - the plateau of mauntains. The beaches near the village of Flic en Flac are just brilliant. The Bay of Tamarin is more untouched by civilization than other places of the coast. Due to the strong currents it is not safe to swim the, but it is a paradise for surfers.



Best beaches of Mauritius

The list of towns with beaches as tourist attractions and off the beaten track paths for the exotic loving minds.

Belle Mare

Blue Bay

Flic en Flac

Grand Baie

Belle Mare beach

Blue Bay beach

Flic en Flac beach

Grand Baie beach

Mont Choisy

Paradis beach


Trou aux biches

Mont Choisy beach

Paradis beach

Pereybere beach

Trou aux beach


Pointe-aux Piments is interesting in its rocky coves, there are relatively calm and turquoise lagoons. Bae-o-Tortue is a luxurious resort with tiny beaches.
Mont Choisy beach is located to the west of Grand-Baie, along the coast towards Pointe-au-Kannon. A wonderful lagoon and a sandy beach lie to the east of the city Maeburga located in the south of Mauritius. On the east coast there is a luxurious beach stretching for many kilometers from Palmar to Pointe-de-Flac.

Belle Mare - A quiet beach with luxury accommodations. Its a place from your dreams of a romantic trip to a paradise island.

Blue Bay - An impressive semi-circle shaped beach located on the south coast. A private cove in the recent past, it is now the right spot for swimmers and windsurfers.

Flic-en-Flac is nice beach with lots of dining facilities and hotels. During stormy weather it is not recommended to swim here as the waves become quite big.

Grand Baie is considered the main beach of Mauritius with a 24/7 entertainment.

Mont Choisy is also a popular beach visited by both locals and tourists.

Paradis Beach is really a paradise, being part of Paradis Hotel resort, we would call it the best beach in Mauritius.
Pereybere is the beach for youngsters, packed during school breaks.
Ile Aux Cerfs - This island of exceptional beauty situated just off the east coast is visited by adventurers every day. A small paradise for lovers of the ocean, sun and sand. There is a boat from Point Maurice to get to this island. Ile Aux Cerfs has miles of magnificent beaches and beautiful nature. The island of Ile aux Cerfs (Deer Island) is the most famous of all the small islands around Mauritius and is located to the east of the main island. The nearest town is Trou d'Eau Deuce. Ile aux Cerfs is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Indian Ocean. The island is not inhabited and can be reached only by boat.
Covered with white coral sand with patches of basalt rocks, the beaches of Ile aux Cerf are just unbelievable, as well as the famous Blue Lagoon. In the opposite side from the lagoon there is an island with a natural pool with sea urchins. The bottom there is small, clean and smooth, where the sea urchins hide.
The water on the beaches here are as usual blue and clear, the norm for Mauritius. The beach is constantly windy and the sun gives way to the clouds, it seems not hot at all, but the sun screen is very advisable. If you want to find a shadow, there is a number of spreading trees just behind the beach with the same great view of the Indian Ocean. Ile aux Cerfs is an ideal place to stay for the whole day. Almost all the hotels offer tours or boat transfers to get there.

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