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Belle Mare beach in Mauritius

Belle Mare Beach is located on the eastern side of Mauritius island, stretching for almost six kilometers. This sandy beach is white with Filao and coconut trees. The coral reef circles around a nice lagoon with turquoise waters. There is a Belle Mare Water Park located nearby and a nice Grand Blue Bay, where you can enjoy snorkeling. You can reach Belle Mare Beach from Grand Bay, its a 20 minute drive and the same close from Port Louis.





Belle Mare beach

Belle Mare beach 2

Belle Mare beach

Belle Mare beach





Belle Mare beach

Belle Mare beach

Belle Mare beach

Belle Mare beach

If white is the color of purity, then Belle Mare Beach is absolutely unsoiled; its fine, powdery sand might almost be mistaken for freshly fallen snow if not for the incredibly clear, glassy turquoise ocean playfully rolling on it. Belle Mare shimmers like a jewel on the Indian Ocean, not far from Madagascar, and experiences all of two seasons: summer and winter. It once housed that near-mythical bird, the Dodo, and now is a second home to flocks of enamored visitors who migrate here every year, eager to indulge in the natural beauty of Belle Mare Beach, a warm lagoon shaded by the many attentive coconut palm trees and casuarina trees.
A water park sprawls nearby where water activities can be enjoyed, like wind surfing, hobie cat excursions, kayaking and the like. Being a lagoon, Belle Mare is protected from wave breaks by a natural reef which is a great location for snorkeling. The lagoon itself offers safe, calm swimming, shallows for play and sand perfect for sculpting castles.
This small area has sprung up to be fully fleshed out almost over night, though the east side of the island, where Belle Mare is situated, can still be considered lightly populated and developed. Able to boast a variety of activities, Belle Mare is not just for those who love a great beach; others can play here too. Shopping in this atmosphere is always a pleasant adventure, and while Belle Mare itself does not have a market, there is the Centre de Flacq which is very close by, offering great bargains and the ability to really test your bartering skills.
Then there is Port Louis, the capital, and a good number of other towns, all overflowing with interesting shops that make for fun excursions. Get your towels, linens and shirts personalized, or browse the jewelry, which is at once affordable and high quality. Of course, there is the basket weaving to consider, where just about anything you could ask for in furniture can be woven from aloe, vetivier, cane straws, raffia or bamboo. If you are into the green movement, there is no better expression of planetary love than decorating your home with compostable furnishings.
Not a shopper? How about a bird watcher, then? Casela Bird Park encompasses a 20-acre stretch of parkland near the Black River District, and it is teeming with rare and exotic fowl just waiting to show off their dazzling plumage and sing songs of territory. Or visit Souillac, which offers a spectacular view of verdant gardens overlooking the sea.
Enjoy some great eating in the area of Belle Mare with a variety of French cuisine, Mauritian, salads, open grills, Creole, Chinese, European and Italian. The beach restaurants sport gorgeous views of the ocean and offer attentive staff and attention to detail that is second to none, with meals prepared in traditional style of fresh, aromatic herbs and spices, for a truly sublime dining experience.
When you are finished eating, stroll across the fine sands of Belle Mare and watch a sunset sizzle through the sky, burning itself out into dark, starry night. Words and pictures cannot do Belle Mare Beach proper justice; it needs to be seen and lived. Make plans to experience this magnificent beach and be prepared to leave your heart.

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