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Blue Bay beach in Mauritius





Blue Bay beach

Blue Bay beach 2

Blue Bay beach

Blue Bay beach





Blue Bay beach

Blue Bay beach

Blue Bay beach

Blue Bay beach

A shock of contrasts is what makes Blue Bay Beach so well known. Its many shades of blue, including a few that seem almost ethereal, stretching across white, fine sands and stark brown rock formations lazing in the warm, ice-clear water make this one beach you will never forget. The idyllic, natural beauty of the coastline here is vibrant and stunning, with emerald treetops hedging the back of the beach for some much-appreciated shade.
Located on the eastern side of Mauritius, an island glimmering in the warm currents of the Indian Ocean, Blue Bay is protected by a vast coral reef that protects the beach from larger wave breaks, allowing for calm, safe swimming. A narrow channel connects the bay to the sea, which is perfect for boating and other activities. Seeming to float upon the coral reefs, but within the vast lagoon, is a 4.22-hectare mini-island known as Ile aux Deux Cocos, an island that had been used for entertaining a hundred years ago by a British governor who had built a small villa there. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, this islet is now used for lazing a day away or day trip excursions. If you are very interested in throwing your own party or just want to experience seclusion, the island and villa can be rented out for a day as a small dollop of paradise in the middle of a lagoon bay.
Certainly, you will want to swim and snorkel here, as the reefs seem to beckon for exploration. Many corals make this their home, offering the same to over 25 species of bright, tropical fish that enjoy parading their colors to impress visitors. Of course, sunbathing on the white beach and enjoying the ocean breezes as they tickle the shoulders is always a valid adventure, but there are a good many other things to do as well.
Mauritius is a shopper’s heaven, with everything available, including antiques, clothes, trinkets, high-quality jewelry, rattan and hand-woven furniture, and fine linens. Port Louis, the capital, offers a Chinatown for perusal, and a number of museums, like the Mauritius National History Museum, Blue Penny Museum and Mauritius Stamp Museum. There are parks, gardens, bamboo raft building, golfing, hiking, and even treasure hunts. Impress the children with a visit to the La Vanille Crocodile Park or the Casela Bird Park for a glimpse at some amazing wildlife.
Enjoy a number of accommodations in various rankings for all budgets, and as long as you get close to the beach, there is no such thing as a bad choice. The island hospitality is second to none, and the people are friendly and gracious. Double check to ensure you have a camera on you at all times; you will find many scenes you will want to remember.
Blue Bay’s beauty is difficult to bring across in words, and even photos do not quite do it justice, though all pictures here are good ones. It possesses that unspeakable loveliness that lingers in our hearts and minds as absolutely ideal, perfectly perfect – like a distant dream or romantic vision. It is absolutely worth a visit as long as you have the strength to tear yourself away and float back to the life you lived before this amazing island Eden.

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