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A glorious three kilometer curve of powdery white sands overlapped by stunning, limpid turquoise water marks the territory of Mont Choisy Beach on Mauritius Island, a republic in the northwestern region of the sparkling Indian Ocean. Mont Choisy is a vast, breathtakingly lovely lagoon of warm, calm waters that are safe to swim and snorkel in, and shallow enough that fishing boats are not often seen invading the fringes of the outer bay. Casuarina and filao trees line the back of the pale sands, providing plenty of shade and a verdant contrast to white beach and blue sea, giving this stretch of natural beauty an idyllic and picturesque quality.
Mont Choisy Beach is best used for people watching, relaxing, sunbathing and swimming, though it makes an excellent home base for organizing excursions and exploring the rest of the island, of which there is a lot to see. All beaches in Mauritius are public beaches, even those in front of hotels and villas, so feel free to use any sandy spot you desire; sometimes the beaches in front of the properties are cleaner than the general areas, but every beach on the island is cleaned regularly.
When you visit Mont Choisy, ask your accommodations manager for package deals on island explorations. Good deals can be found on swimming with dolphins, whale watching, underwater walks in aqua helmets, lagoon and deep sea sport fishing, or a day trip to Stag Island for waterfall hunting. Mauritius is also quite historical, with the first visitors arriving around 10 A.D., leaving behind the skeletons of the first settlements and fortifications. The Balaclava ruins and the Dutch ruins at Vieux Grand Port offer a crumbling reminder of the medieval history haunting the island.
For a truly unique vision unavailable anywhere else on the planet, see the seven-colored dunes of Chamarel Park, a geological curiosity. The colors of these singular clays are red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow, with purple and red being predominant in the swirling mix. Also at this site is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, which features three distinct mini-rivers plunging noisily into a free fall of nearly one hundred meters straight down into a deep gorge.
There are a number of protected wildlife reserves off the shores of Mauritius; several tiny islands proudly protect endangered and endemic species of bird, or coral reefs filled with colorful, parading fish. Gabriel Island is one of the latter, located near Round Island and Flat Island, and boasts some incredible white sand beaches, making it perfect for snorkeling and diving, or just relaxing in the sunshine. Ile aux Aigrettes is one of the former preserves and is so well maintained that it sets the standard in protecting natural resources and endangered species. Some of the world’s rarest bird can be found here, like the kestrel and the pink pigeon, but it is not just for feathered friends; you might also sight the Green Gecko Phelsuma and the Aldabra giant tortoise.
Visiting Mauritius is like stepping through a doorway to another time and place, with remnants of the distant past blending seamlessly with the present and future. It is a rewarding island to visit, filled with adventure and interest, adventure, and even romance. Fill your heart and mind with excitement on the beaches of Mont Choisy, an excursion you will never forget.

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