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Paradis beach in Mauritius





Paradis beach

Paradis beach 2

Paradis beach

Paradis beach





Paradis beach

Paradis beach

Paradis beach

Paradis beach

Paradis Beach is aptly named and is a long, gentle reach of glowing white, powdery sands lying warm next to the stunning, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean in blues so vibrant you would think them almost too ethereal to be true. A calm sea resides here, glassy bright and inviting, open to all manner of water activities, snorkeling and diving. With a secluded feel and laid-back ambiance, the location assumes a rather deserted island vibe – almost a castaway environment – and the natural beauty of the land only accentuates that. Sitting in the cool shade of a casuarina tree, thatched umbrellas waiting for occupation, sun friendly and bright in the sky, one could feel happily alone in the world, if only for a little while.
Paradis Beach is a public beach, as all of them are on Mauritius, an island republic adrift in the Indian Ocean, but Paradis is dominated and kept by the 5-star resort bearing the same name and can be a bit tricky to reach if you are not staying at the resort itself. Locals will tell you the best way to get onto it is by crossing the long, clear lagoon when the tide is low, and that seems very reasonable, though you may also wish to see if the resort will allow non-residents to walk through to it.
This beach is known for its variety of excitements, like parasailing, jet skiing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, paragliding, banana boat rides, sailing, and even deep sea sport fishing. Paradis boasts some of the best restaurants and cuisine on the island, including local food, which is all freshly caught from the sea and prepared in traditional ways or with fusion methods. The entire island of Mauritius is a shopper’s haven, with locally owned and run boutiques and shops all the way to cutting edge, modern shopping malls; anything you want, you can find here and for a good price. There are spas that offer excellent massages and treatments, and magnificently kept golf courses for those who cannot stay away from the green.
It is not all about beach life, though, and Mauritius has a vast number of offerings for those who would like a break from the water. Extreme sports can be accommodated here, including a treetop hike where, once started, you do not touch the ground. Bridges, net suspensions, knotted ropes and lifelines are what you use to follow the skyway paths, with marvelous views of Chamarel Valley, the Piton Mountain and the Black River Nature Reserve. How about a water hike through the fresh water river that winds its way across the island? Enjoy natural rock slides, the local flora and fauna, and discover waterfalls, water holes, lagoons and much more on a river trek. There is a zip line hike in the south where you will discover the natural glory of the Rivière des Galets and explore its sights all by flight with zip line, which is truly a unique undertaking.
If you would like tamer excursions, Mauritius offers dolphin swims, whale watching, personal submarine explorations, underwater sea walks and glass-bottom boating trips.
Paradis Beach is perfection perfected, an Eden on Earth, and a gateway to further adventure. Relax and laze on the beach, or put on hiking gear and see the amazing countryside that awaits the intrepid explorer. All choices are yours here and all equally perfect.

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