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Pereybere beach in Mauritius





Pereybere beach

Pereybere beach 2

Pereybere beach

Pereybere beach





Pereybere beach

Pereybere beach

Pereybere beach

Pereybere beach

In the north of Mauritius, an island republic deep in the heart of the Indian Ocean, between beautiful Grand Baie and saucier Cap Malheureux, crouches Pereybere, a strikingly lovely lagoon of soft white sands and deep, sapphire waters that simply beg to be dived into and enjoyed. Many of the beaches on this island paradise are quite shallow, but Pereybere boasts some depth, making it very suitable for water sports and boating, alongside swimming and snorkeling.
Slightly different in personality than the other beaches, Pereybere is known for being popular with the younger crowd, including teens and twenty-somethings looking for fun in the sand, usually in the form of a volleyball or soccer game, though kite boarding and even some body boarding on the smaller waves found here are also favorite pastimes. This beach is child friendly and offers nearby facilities, with shade provided by palm trees and a casuarina fringe in verdant, pleasing green.
There are some rocky formations that jut into the water, though the vast majority of the beach is satiny sand. These outcroppings are where you will find the most aquatic life and are well-suited for snorkeling and scuba diving. Pereybere is also a favorite haunt of the locals, so if you want the ultimate in seclusion, this is not your scene. However, if you want a lively crowd and smiling faces, this is going to be an excellent choice.
Mauritius is well-known for its beaches, but this idyllic location is certainly home to other activities and is a playground for those seeking land distractions, as well. For example, there are a few safari excursions that could easily be the highlight of any visit, such as the lion walk, where the main attraction is an unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually stroll among young lions, to reach out and pet them, in this open-air version of a petting zoo. Or enjoy the Mauritius Aquarium, asylum for a plethora of exotic fish, invertebrates, sponges, live coral, starfish and more. Children are offered the chance to touch live sea creatures in a special pool set aside for tactile exploration.
Maybe you would rather see the ocean up close and personal on a sea walk that finds you in a specialized breathing helmet as you enjoy a constitutional across the sandy floor in a guided tour of the ocean bottom. There is also a personal submarine you can sit in and pilot for an amazing dive into the blue wilds. If you have ever desired to swim with wild dolphins, it can be arranged, along with a whale-spotting excursion to get the heart pumping. Not to be forgotten, Mauritius is home to some world-class golf courses, excellent and unique zip-line hikes, river treks and tree-top tours for more extreme enthusiasts. Whatever you can dream up, you can find here.
Pereybere Beach is a fun destination, offering a great location for organizing further adventures, or relaxing on the beach with family and friends to enjoy a bit of sun worship and easy swimming. Lifelong memories in an earth-bound Eden are no further away than Mauritius.

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