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Trou aux Biches in Mauritius





Trou aux beach

Trou aux beach

Trou aux beach

Trou aux beach

Rare white-gold sands blanket this shoreline, abutting an ocean of equally rare beauty and serenity in a contrast usually reserved for white scudding clouds on a summery day. Almost achingly beautiful, Trou aux Biches, or watering hole of the doe, is a splendid choice for anyone seeking glassy swimming waters or activities best enjoyed on the gentle waves, like snorkeling, swimming, kite surfing or wind sailing. Child-friendly and boasting a full menu of amenities, this beach will be almost yours alone for the weekday, but picnic areas may need to be battled for on the weekends, as the umbrellas and shade trees along the beach line go quickly.
Beloved by visitor and local alike, Trou aux Biches is a short stretch, but wide with plenty of space and plenty of shallow area for younger visitors. The emerald tree line hides accommodations fit for a king, but as all beaches on the island of Mauritius are public beaches, it does not matter if you stay at the hotels or not to gain access to warm, soft sands. As a lagoon, the beach is protected from heavier ocean waves thanks to the reef surrounding it, and these reefs house many species of exotic tropical fish that have nothing better to do than glimmer for you in the sunlight filtering in from the surface. Snorkeling or diving in the lagoon or out at its reefs are favorite pastimes and recommended.
Trou aux Biches is within a pleasant walking distance to shops and eateries and, with Mont Choisy village nearby, you have the run of many charming shops and boutiques, not to mention some amazing eateries and restaurants serving both local and fusion delicacies. While best suited for relaxation, sunbathing, recreational water sports and swimming, there is more to Mauritius than one first suspects; it is an island of diverse adventures and almost endless possibilities for entertainment. Beaches are popular, of course, but try sinking your proverbial teeth into some other juicy promises of a good time.
Just a few minutes away from Trou aux Biches, lays the Mauritius Aquarium, an excellent place to take the kids for a full day of marine life viewing, learning and petting, as they have a special tactile pool for the young ones to actually touch some sea life. If laying hands on mollusks is not your ideal, look to the Lion Walk safari-style excursion that allows for young lions to stroll among you and your tour group, close enough to reach out and touch, which is allowed. There is also a giant tortoise and crocodile park where the tortoises are not averse to having a tyke or two mounted on their backs. Baby crocodiles can also be handled by children, making this an unforgettable day out. The park has special rides for young kids inside the Jungle Adventure Playground, and even a small zoo of Mauritian animals to view.
If traveling with a family or alone, Mauritius has everything you could hope for and more. Beaches, extreme sports, nature hikes and treks, snorkeling, sailing, animal and nature reserve parks, underwater personal submersibles, golf, and even a long history and many historical sites, this is the place to make memories and live the adventure as others rarely dream. Make your dreams come true at Trou aux Biches on Mauritius. 

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