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Morocco is not only famous for its beaches, its also an opportunity to make a wonderful journey into the mysterious world of Africa. Morocco is one of the few places on earth that are harmonically perfect in climate and pristine nature with great service and an ancient culture. No wonder the country is given a name that means "beautiful", and poets call it "the edge of a golden sunset. Morocco is a magnificent beach vacation, an ideal destination for holidays for all tastes. Endless sandy beaches, the freshness of a light breeze and gentle sun. Morocco offers a wide range of sport activities as golf, tennis, surfing, hunting and fishing. Special fitness tours and therapeutic sessions of thalassotherapy with oceanic water will help restore energy and improve health.



Best beaches of Morocco

The list of towns with beaches as tourist attractions and off the beaten track paths for the exotic loving minds.



Plage de Safi


Agadir beach

Essaouira beach

Plage de Safi

Tetouan beach


Dakhla Bay


Tamuda Bay

Casablanca beach

Dakhla Bay

Taghazout beach

Tamuda Bay


Agadir To the south of Casablanca on the Atlantic long sandy beach coast there is the largest resort of Morocco - Agadir. The climate here is almost the same as in the neighboring Canary Islands. The average daily temperature in September and October, is about 30 degrees Celsius, the water near the coast is 25. Agadir is quite a big city, with all the features of huge resort location.
Essaouira The second largest Atlantic beach resort of Morocco is Essaouira, located closer to Casablanca where its less hot, as compared to Agadir. There is one of the most famous centers of surfing nearby, the winds of the Atlantic is particularly strong, which favors this sport.
Plage de Safi to the north is good if the sea is calm. However, if the winds are blowing, the water can be dangerous. The beaches to the south are more popular and filled with soccer games.
Tetouan. You would need a cab to get to the closest beaches of Tetouan area such as Kabila, Marina Smir, Cabo Negro and Martil. It costs 5 dirhams (60 cents US) to get to Martil for example, but you should buy two seats for more comfort.
Marina Smir is a less popular beach but still worth seeing. Cabo Negro and Kabila are a bit further away and need two cab rides. It is recommended to hire a cab for the whole day by negotiating the price with the driver.

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