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Agadir beach, Morocco

Agadir beach

A purpose-built resort town, Agadir is famous among locals and tourists alike for its unusually long, wide snaking beach that covers over nine kilometers of coastline and melts into the horizon. This is a paradise for the sun-lover who needs little more than to enjoy a deliciously lazy day soaking in the sun on a beautiful, clean beach. The sands are a dark gold and wet with sea spray, while the gentle waves roll in from a fairly calm ocean and make the waters safe for swimmers, but do be aware of the undertow, which can be strong for beginners or children.

Floodlit beaches allow swimmers to continue their passion into the night and cordoned-off areas allow for row upon row of sun lounger beds with genuine thatched umbrellas providing shade. While it is certainly permissible to throw down a towel and sunbathe, many people like to avoid the rush of footsteps by using the loungers instead, which can be rented for extremely little. It may be possible to rent water sport equipment as well, such as jet skis or sail boats. It is also possible to rent a camel or a horse for a beachside trot and to watch the scenery from a slightly higher vantage point.

Agadir has many beaches, all of them with full amenities, golden sands and the Atlantic Ocean lapping their shores. Keep in mind that the coolness of the waters is seasonal and during winter it can be a bit cool; May to October are the warmest water months. The beaches here are frequented by locals, too, and are wide enough to accommodate football (soccer), volleyball and other games for which the beach is used more as a field. There are beach police that patrol the Agadir area and make sure the sands are safe for visitors and families, though it should be noted that Agadir is not a typical resort town or terribly Moroccan in culture. If you wish to experience a more genuine Moroccan lifestyle, then venturing just outside Agadirís borders will provide that in Talbortj.

The entire stretch in this region is teeming with beaches, and further north you can find a slew of others, such as the sought-after waterfront in Essaouira. Tama ou-onza is another beach just twelve kilometers from Agadir, while a bit more north than that will find you in Banana Village, home of Banana Beach. A full eighteen kilometers from Agadir sits the sleepy fishing village of Taghazout, home to several surf camps catering to wave-riders of beginner status all the way to expert. Along this entire stretch are restaurants and cafes serving savory dishes of grilled fish and Moroccan-style coffee. Beach walks make an enjoyable way to spend the day with pauses for a cooling dip in the water moving next to you.

Agadir was rebuilt in the 1960s after a horrendous earthquake claimed 15,000 lives, and was one of the first modern resort towns in Morocco. As such, it can sometimes show its age, but it also provides the kind of catering and intuitive understanding of service that comes over time and through experience. Still a well-loved destination for visitors who want nothing more than to unwind in a warm climate with a beautiful beach in front of them, Agadir is a perfect choice for your next beach-lazing holiday.

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