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Casablanca beach, Morocco

Casablanca beach

Who can forget the memorable cinematic achievement of the same name? Casablanca, thanks to that film, stirs ideas of romance, a hint of danger, and a mysterious atmosphere in many a Westerner. In truth, Casablanca has blossomed into a bustling, modern port town, perhaps too busy to concern itself with notions of romance and love, but nevertheless can offer up the opportunities when pressed to do so. For example, the beautiful beaches of Casablanca definitely present a spectacular vista and idyllic setting that is certain to get the heart beating faster.
Beaches in and around Casablanca, like Ain Diab, are well-suited for a romantic walk or a sigh of aching loveliness over a particularly vibrant sunset of pink, gold and mandarin orange against purple scudding clouds, but generally windy and a bit rough, making it not necessarily the best place to swim. Many resorts and hotels along the mile-long coast offer saltwater swimming pools for that reason, overlooking the deep azure ocean, and complete with drinks bar and smooth music. More often than not, the draw to the beach at night is the scene there, with the clubs and dancing. Offering ocean views, the cafes and small restaurants along the coastline are especially charming and fun distractions.
Bouznika, a small town about 25 kilometers from Casablanca, is well known for its swimmable and surfable beaches, which have won a reputable name along the Atlantic Coast for this resort area. Almost all of the seaside property in Morocco has been extensively developed for visitors’ pleasure and to help with the local economies. Casablanca itself enjoys a culture that is very reminiscent of Western culture concerning how matters are attended to and business attitudes, which makes it easy to slip into the swing of life there.
To the southwest of Casablanca sits Agadir Beach, which is a stretch of clean white sands located in a sheltered bay protected by green, verdant hills. Winter sees this area especially hospitable and inviting, with good windsurfing, swimming and water skiing. The beach has a part cordoned off strictly for sun worshippers, and you could even rent a camel for a beach ride. You might also visit Mouhammedia, which is a little closer to Casablanca and is another resort area, boasting a fantastic golf course along with magnificent saltwater pools.
There are multitudinous shops and bazaars, souks and markets, adding color and excitement to the busy lanes riddling Casablanca. You can find just about anything if you only look for it, with authentic Moroccan handcrafting and wares, like pottery from Safi, or exotic clothes and perfumes. You will also want to try a few of the many restaurants that line the sands and weave their ways through the Casablanca streets, offering mouthwatering and traditional dishes alongside modern fusions for tastes you will find nowhere else.
Romantic or not, there is a great deal to see and do here, not to mention its historical significance during World War II. Like the movie, Casablanca is sure to leave a lasting impression or beauty and intrigue, and you will create memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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