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Taghazout beach, Morocco

Taghazout beach

Taghazout is both the name of a fishing village a dozen miles north from Agadir, the premier resort area in Morocco, and a strip of beaches in the southwestern region of the country. The main draw to Taghazout is its many pristine beaches, which attract a huge surfing crowd due to their great waves. The beaches are all clean, with fine golden sands and clear, turquoise waters. Once a haven for hippies in the 1960s, this village still retains its laid-back air and relaxed atmosphere. Many people from other resorts find themselves at the Taghazout beaches either to explore or just witness what many claim to be some of the most unspoiled, excellent beach strips in all of Morocco.
Slowly but surely, these beaches are being transformed into tourist areas, developing resorts and working with that industry, as the number of visitors to these parts becomes increasingly greater each year. For now, Taghazout village remains small and sleepy, with fishing as its biggest commodity, and offers a slower pace than many other areas along the coast. While the beaches allow for full amenities, they are not as developed as the resort areas and are best served, for now, as surfer get-aways and quiet nooks for beach-lovers who want little more than to laze on the sand and soak in the sunís rays. Not to say there is nothing else going on here, because there is. Or there can be, especially if you are staying in the surfersí tents or surf houses, sponsored by a surfing school on the main Taghazout beach. If the waves go flat, they offer plenty of extracurricular activities, including cliff diving and jumping, beach volleyball and soccer, jet skiing, quad bikes and so forth.
The Taghazout beaches stretch for over eight kilometers and are comprised of Sable díor Beach, Ait Sawall Beach, Doulkhmiss Beach, Bouirdn Beach, Imouran Nord Petit Plage, Devilís Rock, Banana Beach and Aftas Taghazout, to name a few. There are also some capes and bays, all sandy, warm and never overcrowded. They are excellent for swimming and wind or kite surfing as prevalent breezes permit. The best months to surf are between September and April, but any time is good for sunning or floating.
Restaurants in Taghazout all offer Moroccan dishes, like freshly grilled fish, and more variety can be found just 20 minutes away in Agadir by bus or taxi. Taghazout is also a dry town, meaning you cannot buy alcohol in it, but the drink is not forbidden and a trip to the close, neighboring areas will provide you what you seek. As can be expected, there are no nightclubs here and the nightlife is fairly flat. Again, you will be relieved of this if you hop a bus to a resort town where an abundance of activities await. Alternatively, you can stay in Agadir at a resort and just visit the Taghazout beaches as you wish.
Taghazout will eventually offer more, but for right now it is a surferís paradise and a beach bunnyís haven, and many are happy with that. Too soon, gone will be the simple days as the village embraces the inevitable tourist boom. For those who seek purity in their beaches, it would be best to plan a trip for the near future. Otherwise, wait a few years and enjoy the inclusive nature of a well-planned and equipped Moroccan resort town. Either way, the lovely beaches backed by majestic hills will be awaiting you.

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