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Tamuda Bay beach, Morocco

Tamuda Bay

Decorated with uniquely Moroccan white-washed or brown cobblestone buildings peppered here and there, Tamuda Bay Beach is a lovely, long strip of white sands and breath-takingly sapphire blue waters. This area is serviced by the warm Mediterranean Sea as opposed to the windier Atlantic Ocean surrounding the majority of resort towns. A bay still in development, Tamuda is slated to become another Agadir, or purpose-built resort town, though Tamuda will take a more environmental, blending approach than Agadir, which was built in the 1960s.
Tamuda Bay is family-friendly with a huge assortment of hotels and apartments for every need and budget. Boasting over 15 kilometers of enjoyable beach, it is no wonder Tamuda is becoming a greater and greater draw for visitors, especially with younger ones in tow. There is an aquatic park available here, too, which is more like a large, shallow swimming pool, overlooking the beauty of a living sea; this is much safer for children than swimming at the beach with its occasional undercurrents.
Tamuda Bay is a generally calm patch of sea, perfect for romantic strolls or picnics on the beach, a sail boat deeper out for a fantastic panorama of the land, or organizing a scuba dive through your hotel of choice. There is a marina for boat use, a shopping mall nearby, a golf course and a plethora of restaurants ranging from local and home-grown to international cuisine.
Tangier, an important port city in Morocco, is located near Tamuda Bay and makes an ideal day trip location for a completely different atmosphere that offers a blend of Spanish, African and French cultures and languages. In fact, Tangier is only separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar, not 20 miles away. You can even catch a ferry from this port town to Europe, which is just a short and pleasant boat trip away. Typically, it is something of a hassle for visitors to gain and use an automobile in Morocco as a whole, much less so in the Tangier/Tamuda region, but the rail system and public transport of Tangier is excellent, modern and efficient.
Tangier is popular for its ancient Kasbah, or city fortress, the Kasbah Museum, former Sultanís palace renowned for its collection of Phoenician artifacts, and the Tangier Museum of Contemporary Art, among other historical and interesting sites. The local market, or souk, is a colorful sight in the mornings when the Rif Mountain women come down to sell their locally-grown produce and other wares. Brass work and leather goods, especially handmade slippers, are popular souvenirs by which to remember Morocco after the holiday is over and youíve returned to regular life.
Tamuda Bay is a beautiful beachside property with close proximity to the greater and grander Tangier, which offers many wonderful distractions, including a vibrant nightlife, fantastic views of the bay, a variety of dining experiences and fun people-watching opportunities. The combination of the two cities ensure an amazing get-away you will not soon forget, especially with Moroccan leather slippers to warm your feet in while you wait for your next taste of Mediterranean paradise.

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