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Tetouan beaches, Morocco

Tetouan beach

The Tetouan beaches area enjoys a stunning 320 days of sunshine a year, providing an ideal climate for enjoying the white and gold sand beaches that luxuriously stretch across the coastline, lapped by tranquil, azure waters and flanked by the evergreen beauty of the Rif Mountains. Tetouan was first founded by the Berbers between the 2nd and 3rd centuries BCE. It is truly an article from antiquity, with immense historical significance, as well as charm.

This city is built between a spill of orchards in a variety of pomegranate, cyprus, orange and almond trees. This all belongs to the Martil Valley, which eventually meets the Martil Harbor. Inside the city proper stand magnificent homes and structures, which still house the descendants of family lines that march into antiquity. An intriguing blend of architectures awaits the eye here, with obvious Spanish, Moorish and Cordoba influences. There is an industrial aspect to the old city, or medina, as well where residents create roof tiles, silver wire, thick-soled yellow slippers, capes and skirts worn by young ladies in the rural locations. The souks, or shop stalls are lively and bustling, with small squares set aside solely for delicious local coffees, pastries and food.

History lives on inside and around the medina, offering sights into the past that stand firm against the destruction of time. Khalifa’s old palace defies complete destruction, and a fort still stands with its aging walls and heat-preserved fences. There are mosques and fountains in the winding streets and a good deal of visual stimulation for photos and entertainment. Tetouan has finally been claimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with very good reason; these are the remnants of times long past, still intact, still thriving and still bustling.

Tetouan is just as well known for its fine beaches, which are some of the loveliest in Morocco. Oued Laou is a nearby beach with its own township, and it reaches for kilometers, running parallel to the warm Mediterranean waters, with its wide berth guaranteeing sunbathers a spot on even the busiest holidays. The town itself is charming, friendly and just beginning to be discovered. The short drive from Tetouan to Oued Laou will take you through some of the most amazing scenery offered in the area. Martil Port also offers great beach opportunities and great seafood, which is freshly caught. There is an aquatic park in Tamuda Bay, overlooking the vast blue sea, and M’dig Beach in Cabo Negro, also to the north, is where seashells are readily available for collecting. Cabo Negro’s M’dig Beach is considered by many to be a hidden jewel amongst the other finery Morocco has to offer.

Being a port city, Tetouan also runs a quick ferry to Spain for an excellent three- or four-day trip to that country as well. It is very popular for Spaniards to hop over to Tetouan for a weekend and vice versa. It is a feature that is well worth taking advantage of, if this sounds interesting.

Tetouan is a gateway to history that still lives and breathes; it is exciting, adventurous and accommodating. Experiences like these last a lifetime; they shift paradigms and open hearts. Like an old friend, Morocco awaits to share all its treasures with you.


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