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Thousands of miles away from everywhere - a thousand years out of time, Seychelles are a scattering of 115 islands with white sand beaches in the heart of Indian Ocean. If you want to escape from civilization and are looking for a vacation to completely relieve your stress, you should really think of visiting Seychelles islands. Different kinds of sport in Seychelles are elevated to the rank of worship. Golf, tennis, squash, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, yachting can be supplemented by the best diving and fishing. Diving here would be like swimming in a giant aquarium where visibility reaches 40 m in depth. Crystal clear blue waters, endless beaches and unique flora and fauna will make you realize that these places are known only by a few people.

Best beaches of Seychelles

Silhouette island

Praslin island

North island

Mahe island

Silhouette Island beach

Praslin island beach

North Island beach

Mahe island beach

La Digue island

Felicite island

Desroches island

Denis island

La Digue Island beach

Felicite Island beach

Desroches island beach

Denis island beach

Bird island

Anse Lazio beach

Alphonse island

Aldabra Atoll

Birds island beach

Anse Lazio beach

Alphonse island beach

Aldabra Atoll


Holidays in Seychelles would have the following advantages: no tropical diseases and dangerous animals, there is no need for immunization. 46% of the land of the Seychelles are National parks and reserves with unique flora and fauna. Seychelles mean miles of deserted beaches and great weather all year round, a unique charm and smiles of local residents.

Denis Island is a private island and its owners have made it possible for their guests to understand that comfort, pleasure and perfect vacation is a reality here. They have created a special atmosphere of privacy. Named after a French explorer, Denis de Trobriant, who formally discovered it in 1773, Denis Island has since become one of the single most perfect examples of balanced eco-conservation and tourism. It is not a granite island as many other islands in the Seychelles archipelago are, but a coral island with lush white powder beaches and such crystal blue, sparkling water that it seems more a dream than an actual physical place. The sapphire sea around Denis is breathtaking, indeed, as is the green, verdant flora of the interior island.
La Digue island is a secluded undescovered place. La Digue offers eight pristine, amazing beaches from which the fortunate traveler may choose, some more secluded than others, all breathtaking, but with different personalities and background scenery. Anse Marron is popular as a Robinson Crusoe-type setting, with rounded juts of granite rock, white sands and froth-tipped waves. This beach is hailed as a must-see location.

Mahe is a large well developed island, but exotic at the same time where nobody disturbs your privacy. It is purely granite, with a large spine of mountains running down the middle of it, with the highest peak, Morne Seychellois, reaching upwards of 905 meters. Despite this mountainous terrain that makes Mahé a hikerís Eden, there exists a relatively flat ring around the edge of the island, and it is here that most of the population dwells. It is also here you will find the over 70 beaches the islandís coastline has to offer. 

Praslin island. Beautiful beaches and magnificent May Valley. Confused at one time with the actual Garden of Eden, Praslin Island floats in the Indian Ocean like a waking emerald dream, a piece of impossible beauty in the archipelago of Seychelles. This pristine parcel of land, only 38 square kilometers in area, is the second largest island in the chain, with Mahé, an hour away by boat, boasting the title of largest of all the islands.
North Island is famous for its secluded beaches with powder-like soft sand, pristine peaks of granite mountains, covered with dence forests. North Island is not only a granite island in the archipelago of Seychelles filled with vast beauty and four pristine beaches, it is privately owned and dedicated to a project called Noahís Ark, wherein endemic and endangered species of the Seychelles are bred and released into the wild to strengthen their failing population. The island itself is a resort, too, with only 11 villas to be used at any given time, but designed in such as way as to protect the islandís ecosystem.

Silhouette Island is an emerald-green tropical jungle with great white sand beaches and majestic mountain slopes, surrounded by magnificent coral reefs. Beckoning from the Indian Ocean and lying like an emerald gem on the glassy sea, floats Silhouette Island, the third largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Composed of granite, it has less than 200 inhabitants, mostly workers in resorts and hotels, and five lush mountain peaks jutting towards the sky.
Felicite Island with its beautiful beaches, will only belong to you, what else can you dream of! Felicite Island is a tiny granite gem, about three square kilometers in size, situated like a glimmering grey pearl in the middle of the Seychelles island chain. It boasts some of the most spectacular snorkeling in the world, as well as some of the most mind-bendingly beautiful scenery. The entire island is a resort, and as it is so small, it can only accommodate a handful of people, but it is guaranteed to be the Eden you have always dreamed existed. Indeed, the entire island can be rented out for special occasions, like weddings.
Fregate island is an emerald granite rock surrounded by coral ring inhabited by cardinals, turtles, terns, petrels, and frigates.
Alphonse island of green coconut trees, blue sky and beautiful beaches. Deep in the heart of the Indian Ocean where mankindís footprint remains rare, nestles the coral island of Alphonse, largest of the three atolls in the immediate vicinity. Alphonse is a resort island, and as such, it is luxurious and smart, offering deep relaxation and a grand variety of activities to enjoy on a getaway. Because the Alphonse Atolls are raised coral beds, there are no mountains from volcanic activity and, therefore, little rain, ensuring your days on the beaches of Alphonse are sunny and warm.
Desroches island is a white sand belt, a place for experienced divers. Desroches Island is truly a paradise of sugary white beaches, soft and bright, connecting to an ocean of turquoise, jade, teal and sapphire blues. Desroches hovers roughly 230 kilometers southwest of Mahe, which is the main island of the Seychelles archipelago. Desroches, however, is one of the Amirante Islands, a cluster of atolls in the Seychelles' Outer Islands, whereas Mahe is one of the Inner Islands.
Bird island is a noisy piece of land in the ocean with thousands of birds. Much of the civilized world has hedged in nature, where wildlife exists on mankindís whim and allotment, but Bird Island is exactly the opposite; nature continues on her inevitable path as you stand by and watch. Bird Island was the first in the Seychelles archipelago to offer eco-tourism, where visitors exist harmoniously with the world around them while that world is largely preserved. This coral cay is a little different than the others, in that it does not offer super luxury in its resort, literally forcing its visitors to forgo those highly self-indulgent activities and focuses, truly, on the gifts the island has to offer.

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