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Anse Lazio Beaches, Seychelles

In the northwest corner of Praslin Island, nestled in Chevalier Bay, Anse Lazio stretches like a cat in a sunbeam and opens up to visitors as the ocean flower it is. White sands so fine it feels like milled flour meet rushing waves of turquoise streaked with sapphire. It is a beautiful, deep crescent of a beach, with palm trees and lush hinterland shading its backside, for a cool, peaceful experience.

Anse Lazio Beach, Seychelles Where to stay Wondering what's the best place to stay at close to this beach? Book your favorite vacation rental or hotel nearby.
The ocean here, while amazing and warm, is often a bit rough for young swimmers, especially certain times of the year, but it remains perfect for sunbathing, picnics, sand castles and beach fun.
This is a beach best suited to those who enjoy slightly choppier waters and larger swells and is a good choice for body boarders and wind surfers.
Most of the area is sanded, but some rounded granite boulders hedge out of the water here and there, far enough away not to be a danger, but they add visual texture and a spot of exploration. They also make for excellent snorkeling when the ocean feels like being calm. The waters here are shallow and long walks out are easy, with feet and fish remaining visible.
Anse Lazio Beach, Seychelles
Pumice rock and mangrove trees incorporate themselves within the palm trees and granite boulders, offering variety and a unique backdrop against which to view the Seychelles sunset, a sight unlike any sunset you have previously seen. It is a breathtaking scene as the waters light up in burnt orange to reflect the sizzling sky above, peppered in puffs of pink-tinted clouds and smeared with trails of vibrant gold, fuchsia and grapefruit orange. It is truly a marvelous sight that draws in a small group of visitors every evening, sharing in the dying embers of an ending day.
Anse Lazio is a long beach broken up into smaller areas by rainforest or rock outcroppings, and many consider this beach to be the most beautiful in the world. The fact that it is rare among the Seychelles beaches by offering a few amenities is a huge perk. There are two beach bars and restaurants hidden back among the trees, kept hidden for the most part so the shoreline remains a natural beauty. At these two locations, Bonbon Plume to the right of the car park, and Le Chevalier, set to the left side of Anse Lazio and back further behind the trees, you can purchase food and drink, both delicious and of excellent quality.
The view from this beach is extraordinary, as Silhouette Island bobs large on the horizon, seemingly so close one could swim to it, though that is certainly not advised. The lush surrounding flora here strikes a resonant combination with the wave-swept loveliness of the beach, and if you ever tire of this view, you can always indulge in a tour of the Valle de Mai, an ancient forest sized for giants and home to the Coco-de-Mer tree. Scope out the carnivorous pitcher plants and look for the vanilla orchids, hidden amongst the titanic-sized plant life.
Known for its rugged beauty, rare and endemic wildlife and, of course, the jaw-dropping ocean view, Anse Lazio is a paradise on Earth and waiting for you arrival.

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