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Bird Island Beaches, Seychelles

Much of the civilized world has hedged in nature, where wildlife exists on mankindís whim and allotment, but Bird Island is exactly the opposite; nature continues on her inevitable path as you stand by and watch. Bird Island was the first in the Seychelles archipelago to offer eco-tourism, where visitors exist harmoniously with the world around them while that world is largely preserved. This coral cay is a little different than the others, in that it does not offer super luxury in its resort, literally forcing its visitors to forgo those highly self-indulgent activities and focuses, truly, on the gifts the island has to offer.

Bird Island, Seychelles Where to stay Wondering what's the best place to stay at close to this beach? Book your favorite vacation rental or hotel nearby.
You will find no televisions here, no mobile phones, no air conditioning; instead, the chalets and huts are given every comfort but those things, with an open-air design and a single ceiling fan that works remarkably well in keeping the accommodation cool, though the visitor will realize exactly what that means when they have to share a room with geckos, a few birds to act as an alarm clock, and perhaps a skink or two. Nature rules supreme on the island.
Bird Island is home to a huge amount of bird, land and sea life, though not nearly what it could claim a hundred years ago.
Like the rest of the Seychelles, it too became a coconut plantation and guano extrication point, and then fell into disuse when the copra was no longer in such high demand and the guano had been depleted.
Bird Island Beach, Seychelles
Accidently introduced animals, such as rats and rabbits, now removed from the island, had skewed the population of animals once inhabiting the cay. Much wrong has now been righted, thanks to diligent efforts on behalf of the islandís owners and the research done here, and efforts will continue indefinitely. In the meantime, visitors enjoy the oneness and relaxation a restoring ecosystem has to offer, and that is to say quite a lot.
The entire island is rimmed in soft, shimmering white sands and the ocean is of the most amazing bright and deep blues, colors so pure as to be shocking, with shallower areas boasting turquoise and jade waters, warm and flat, almost like a swimming pool at times. Snorkeling is beyond par in the lagoons and beaches, especially when the tide is lower and marine life is mere inches away. As the entire island is a raised coral bed, the reef sights are beyond compare, and healthy coral gives housing to many species of fish and eel. Parading past snorkelers like a Mardi Gras extravaganza are rays, turtles and all kinds of smaller fish glinting their colors in the sunlight. Deep sea fishing is also offered here, and part of what you catch will be used for dinner. In fact, the entire island sustains itself, and all meals are prepared using ingredients grown on the island or caught in its waters, so the food is exceptionally fresh and delicious.
There is so much to experience on Bird Island, aside from all the birds flying to and fro, that only a personal experience could do it justice. Recommended stay is three days or more, else getting the hand of true relaxation may not find its peak. No spa, no swimming pools, though a pool table exists and some board games, it is more or less you and nature and the loop of beach that takes 40 minutes to walk for a full circle of the island. Incredible, decadent in its simplicity, indulgent in the sumptuous wildlife, Bird Island is paradise personified, and a lifelong memory waiting to be explored.

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