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Felicite island beaches, Seychelles

Felicite Island is a tiny granite gem, about three square kilometers in size, situated like a glimmering grey pearl in the middle of the Seychelles island chain. It boasts some of the most spectacular snorkeling in the world, as well as some of the most mind-bendingly beautiful scenery. The entire island is a resort, and as it is so small, it can only accommodate a handful of people, but it is guaranteed to be the Eden you have always dreamed existed. Indeed, the entire island can be rented out for special occasions, like weddings.

Felicite island beach, Seychelles

The island herself is rich in lush and exotic vegetation. Mango trees, banana trees and orange trees pepper the island with fruit safe for eating. Except for the beach areas, Felicite is thickly forested and allowed to remain wild, so exploration possibilities are immense and exciting. There are a number of beaches edging the island, ready to open up and display the extensive marine life that makes its home off the reefs. Each of them provides white, sumptuous sand, virginal and pristine, interlaced with warm Indian Ocean waters in colors of pale or dark jade and twinkling sapphire blue. Granite rock formations weathered by the elements take on a softened, rounded appearance, rather marshmallow-esque for rocks, and are incredible to behold. They serve well as beds for sunbathers, too.

Felicite island beach, Seychelles
From one of the many beaches, watch the amazing sunset blaze a trail across the horizon in colors only nature can provide. If you have had your fill of beachcombing, there is an array of other activities to indulge in on Felicite. Tennis courts and a swimming pool are provided, hiking and trekking across the island are popular, sailing, fishing, table tennis and day trips can be chartered for the neighboring islands of Coco, Praslin and La Digue.
La Digue is an interesting place to visit, being one of the few islands to have year-round, established inhabitants. It offers amazing beaches and fantastic rock formations, as well as a pace of life that is slow and easy. Some of the most photographed and beautiful beaches are here, ready for exploration, while the island itself beckons interior adventure, too. While lifestyle has changed very little on La Digue and many islanders resist change, there are modern amenities here, such as banks, clinics and grocery stores. There is a dive center, boat charter and luxury spa, as well as restaurants, with Creole food being the foremost on the list. La Digue has few motorized vehicles, which are often eschewed in favor of bicycles, foot traffic or oxcarts. People are friendly here and happy to help, making La Digue a grand adventure in itself.
Praslin is also well worth a day trip, as the second largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, and home to 5,000 locals. Praslin is the only place in the world where the coveted Coco-de-Mer tree grows, a plant with the largest seed in the world, bigger than two coconuts put together. It closely resembles a woman’s pelvis, and convinced one explorer that he had found the original Garden of Eden. Praslin has a lot to see and do, from sublime beaches to the remnants of an ancient forest fit for titans; it holds a number of plants and animals seen nowhere else on earth.
Felicite is a privileged island, and if you can afford it, it would well be the highlight of a lifetime: perfect, pristine, unspoiled and breathtaking beyond words.

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