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Located at the southern tip of Africa, The Republic of South Africa is an ideal place for a beach holiday where you will never be sad or lonely. We picked the best 3 beach locations such as Plettenberg Bay, Sun City and Umhlanga. They are the most fun places to enjoy the sun, the ocean and also the most popular entertainment meccas. The country is full of contrasts and not only in the nature, the culture has a long history dating back to the first settlements of modern humans. It would still be an exotic place to visit for the Europeans and Americans as South Africa is not well advertised as a vacation destination and most of the tour companies know little about the country and what it has to offer.



Best beaches in South Africa


Sun City



Plettenberg beach

Sun City beach

Umlaga beach


Plettenberg Bay. Over 50 thousand guests come to this small resort city each year and its own population is only 10 thousand people. The tourists are attracted by a magnificent nature with the mountains descending into the lagoon, boundless view of an open ocean, exceptional climate and cloudless skies with 320 sunny days per year.
Plettenberg Bay is one of the most famous seaside beach resorts in South Africa. Surrounded by the mountain ridge, country's best beaches washed by the warm Indian Ocean are ideal to relax. A small airport takes hundreds of private jets on high seasons. This city has a rich flora and fauna and almost unlimited opportunities for eco-tourism.
These exceptional beaches of the peninsula are also famous for Robberg hangout spot located near Beacon Island. The Western and Eastern Cape are good for a boat trip to observe the whales and dolphins that swim here from April to November each year.
Sun City is one of the most unusual resorts in the world. It is called South Africa's Las Vegas, because there are the biggest and best known casinos in Africa. But the resort is famous not only for this. Sun City is a true hymn to the human imagination, since everything here, from jungles, waterfalls and beautiful beaches with white sand to the vast picturesque artificial lake.
Sun City is a green oasis with tropical forest, caves and parks in which bright birds live. Another amazing thing in Sun City is a huge swimming pool with sand, islands and waterfalls with almost ocean like waves where water skiing is practiced. You can spend great time in any beach hotel with attractions and the natural environment. The beach life is full of sports, as well as the popular ballooning. You might take a long walk along the picturesque countryside, visit restaurants and pop concerts.
And most importantly, why they come here is the local casino. This beach resort is situated 187 km from Johannesburg. The road from the airport to Sun City takes about two hours. This is a great place for a family vacation or a romantic travel alone.
Umhlanga is the most luxurious resort in South Africa. Tourists get a tan under the hot tropical sun and swim in the calm and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. But Umhlanga is not such a quiet place where you are in harmony with nature. Umhlanga is the center of entertainment, which is why you will never get bored there!

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