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Royal service, luxury and magnificence of the loggings of Tanzania do not know no the match in the world. Exotic islands of Tanzania are considered top rated beach destinations in the world. Tanzania truly has something to be proud of: the ancient stone Zanzibar, tropical Mafia island, romantic Mnemba with 800km long white sand beaches and azure waters of the Indian Ocean. We will be reviewing 3 of the best islands of the country. Zanzibar, Mnemba, Mafia and Pemba islands of Tanzania have a great reputation of the best vacation spots in Africa among beach lovers and seekers of unspoiled wonders of nature.



Best beaches of Tanzania

Mafia island




Mafia island beach

Mnemba island beach

Pemba island beach

Zanzibar beach

Zanzibar island. The island of Zanzibar is an exceptional place of diversity that has shaped its culture with the beauty of its sandy coast, the ecology of the coastal waters and perfect conditions for marine life forms. Zanzibar is not only one island, its an archipelago, consisting of the main island of Zanzibar, formerly known as Ungudzha, the island of Pemba, and about 50 small islands. This archipelago has the smell of spicy aromas of the past centuries. Zanzibar today is home to the best tropical beach resorts, a mecca for divers who find the local extraordinary coral reefs abundant of sea dwellers and pristine beauty of the lagoons.
Mnemba Island is preferred by celebrities such as Bill Gates and top model Naomi Campbell. Mnemba is quite small, surrounded by coral reefs. The promotional brochures always use the metaphors as "Paradise on Earth", "tropical Idyll, "a fairy tale for tired souls" Mnemba is all of this in reality.
The moment you step on the ground on this island, you will be mesmerized by its simple and at the same time subtle charm and unspoiled beauty. Gently pronouncing the welcoming words, the Islanders will meet you with warmth and grace.
Mnemba beaches provide a much-coveted privacy and exclusive services. An exotic mix of spicy flavors and lush tropical vegetation and swaying coconut palms made this Island an irresistible holiday destination. Mnemba was proclaimed one of the 3 most romantic spots in the world.
The landscapes with cottages, hidden in the shades of tropical forest, merge imperceptibly with the soft sand beach, everything so much belongs there that in no way it will disturb your privacy.
The natural wealth of the island remain in its pristine form, inexpressible beauty of coral reefs, unspoiled lagoon and amazing colors of 300 species of tropical fish, rare giant tortoises, dolphins, whales and even sharks, all of these give you a feeling of being in heaven.
Go swimming in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, sunbathe on the unspoiled beaches of white soft sand, read in a shade, walk around the island, play beach volleyball, enjoy windsurfing and deep fishing, watch birds and just walk barefoot.
Mafia Island. A small white sail appears on the horizon, guarded by warm winds of the Indian Ocean. You are watching it from the beach, peacefully relaxing under a coconut palm. So distant from the rest of the world where time seems to stop. You are on Mafia Island the main one of the archipelago. Mafia island is an ideal tropical holiday paradise for scuba diving, deep fishing, hiking, canoeing, various water sports and simple beach relaxing.
Pemba is a coral island, an earthly paradise and the land of plenty, part of the archipelago of Zanzibar, being also famous for the production of spices, particularly cloves. Green color prevails throughout the island. Tropical forests with lots of birds, magnificent coral reefs around the island and the diversity of underwater world that attracts tourists to Pemba from around the globe. Seekers of adventure have a unique opportunities for diving and deep-sea fishing.
Pemba Strait, separating the island from the continent, is famous for the biggest fish catches in East Africa. At various times of the year one can observe the amazing migration of marine giants. Humpback whales, cryptic hammer sharks and the majestic whale sharks.
Emerald Reef, which received its name from its green covered corals, serves as a refuge for groupers and local tropical fish, such as fish-tube, fusilier, giant barracuda and hammer fish. An interesting and unusual Makarere reef on the south-western border with Mies, represents a group of coral hills with densely populated underwater world. Pemba guests stay in environmental loggias, where comfort is combined with an absolute naturalness of life where they can enjoy peace, solitude and unspoiled beauty of a tropical island.

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