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Beach resorts of Asia today are a good competition to the best destinations of the world. The amazing culture and civilization of the East, the exotic natural landscapes, the mentality of local people, quite different from the western one, attracts travelers from around the globe. One of the business cards of Asian vacation are its plentiful unique beaches, with clear waters, coral reefs and massive waves for surfing. Those who are going on a holiday trip to the East will have to choose from the countries of a gigantic continent with a wide choice of tropical places with beautiful sandy beaches. From Egypt to to Indonesia, Thailand, India and the Philippines, Israel and Sri Lanka,- a great variety of beaches awaits everywhere.

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Israel. There are several areas in Israel for a year-round recreation and health treatment with a rare combination of unique natural factors. Israeli beaches and resorts boast international fame since ancient times. The hot springs in Tiberias, located on the shore of Lake Kinneret and Dead Sea offer medical treatments to thousands of people every year.
Indonesia has vast tourism resources with its natural beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, rivers, rich flora and fauna, historical monuments, unique culture of the peoples inhabiting the island. All of this makes Indonesia a perfect vacation place.

India. The coast of the country consists of the following landforms: 43% of sandy beaches, 11% rocks and cliffs, the rest is marshland.

China. The coastal line of China is large, influenced by different climate zones. Due to climatic and natural diversity China can be a beach vacation place in any month of the year.

Egypt has the best beaches indeed in the Middle East. Such resorts as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurgada being the most popular. Sharm el-Sheikh. Located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is rightly considered one of the most beautiful Egyptian resorts, and its beauty is something special.

Malaysia is a federal country located in the heart of Southeast Asia, consisting of 13 states and three federal territories. The country is devided into two parts by the South China Sea as Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.
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