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Cat island, Bahamas

Cat Island has the real honor of being a part of the Bahamas thatís remained virtually untouched by tourism. Shaped like a fish hook when seen from above, Cat Island is just 48 miles in length and 4 miles across where itís at its widest. Despite its size, thereís plenty to see and do, with stunning beaches in plentiful supply and a whole host of other attractions.

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For those with an interest in history, Cat Island features the ruins of slave houses from as far back as the early 18th Century. Cotton plantations litter the landscape. For even earlier history, thereís evidence of Arawak Indian settlements and cave dwellings. The earliest European inhabitants were Loyalist refugees from the American Revolution who came to the island in 1783.
The origin of the islandís name is uncertain. By some accounts itís attributable to the large population of wild cats that once featured on the island. Others say itís named after the pirate Arthur Catt. The main town on the island is Arthurís Town, and the main industries are now farming and the harvesting of cascarilla bark, which is shipped mainly to Italy for the production of perfumes, medicaments and even Campari. Interested visitors can learn more about the islandís cultural history at the dedicated museum, located in the town of Knowles.
Cat island, Bahamas
Cat Island is home to the highest point in all of the Bahamas. Mount Alvernia rises to 206ft above see level, and offers magnificent panoramic views. The mountain was once home to Father Jerome Hawes, who positioned his hermitage on its slopes. Having made the island his home in 1939, he went on to build a small monastery thatís still a feature of the mountain today. He is reputed to have carved all of the steps that lead to its walls by hand. With 50 miles of trails and hills, trekking the interior of Cat Island is a major attraction for many visitors.
Cat Island has excellent weather throughout the year. Wintertime temperatures are in the region of 60 degrees, while visitors in the summertime can expect 80 degrees with a welcome breeze rolling in from the ocean.
Activities for visitors to Cat Island are varied. Around the beaches and the glorious Atlantic waters conditions are excellent for snorkeling, swimming and fishing. The beaches are many so itís easy to find a secluded place to relax. For sunbathers the conditions could hardly be more tranquil, with swaying coconut palms and beautiful pinkish sands. The fact that the island remains relatively untouched by mass tourism means visitors can enjoy an enormous amount of freedom in this native tropical setting.
For adventurous souls the ocean around Cat Island can offer many delights. There is the opportunity to swim safely and under supervision with sharks. Snorkeling is great here, as are the opportunities to go diving. For rustic charm it would be hard to better Cat Island, with its tiki bars and fishing marinas. For many visitors it may be the opportunity to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet that appeals the most.

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