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Coco Cay, Bahamas

Coco Cay is famous for its fantastic beaches, which could be showcases for the kind of natural beauty to be found in the Bahamas chain of islands. The only way to reach it island is by boat, and it has a wonderful harbor. The beaches are excellent for finding exotic shells or just walking at any time of day. In moonlight the sand twinkles and the stars reflect beautifully on the calm waters. Coco Cay is secluded, and visitors arriving by Royal Caribbean cruise reserve this island paradise for exclusive use.

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One of many perfectly serene islands in the Sea of Abaco, Coco Cay is famed for its beauty, and many visitors arrive here by cruise ship throughout the year. The island is well equipped to provide them with a taste of true Bahamian charm. There’s plenty to see and do, and all the amenities modern cruise travelers would expect.
For adventurous visitors there’s the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of taking to the skies for a taste of paragliding. From up high there’s a wonderful birds-eye view of the fantastic coastline and multi-faceted blue seas. Part of the coastline is rocky, and visitors are free to explore that at their leisure. Since the island is small, it’s possible to find a degree of privacy without feeling like you’ve ventured too far from base.
Coco Cay, Bahamas
There are plenty of aquatic facilities on the island for visitors to enjoy, especially younger ones, and those who enjoy land activities won’t be disappointed either. There’s a nature trail to follow and plenty of restaurants and bars providing entertainment. While some visitors to the Bahamas might appreciate secluded beaches far from the madding crowd, others will certainly be drawn to the ample facilities at a private island such as Coco Cay. Quite simply, everything a visitor needs is on hand.
One of the most appealing pastimes on Coco Cay has to be just lying back to relax on the fantastic white sands. The beaches are well served with umbrellas, chairs and places to buy attractive cocktails. With coconut palms in the background, few visitors could fail to take up the offer to unwind.
The sea life around the island is truly amazing, and visitors are encouraged to try snorkeling as a way of exploring what they have to offer. There are colorful fish and underwater caves to behold. Indeed most activities are catered for on the island, with a wide variety of equipment available.
As a private island, Coco Cay offers customers of Royal Caribbean the luxury they expect. Everything is catered for, from food to evening entertainment. The island feels like a playground where relaxation is the staple diet.
Coco Cay is a very special hideaway retreat. It has beaches on all sides and offers visitors excellent opportunities to enjoy serene waters for swimming and luscious white sands for relaxation. With its tranquil waters and safe environment, Coco Cay offers visitors a chance to enjoy what the Bahamas has to offer without pressure or responsibility. Coco Cay is a magical place.

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