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Grand Bahama island, Bahamas

The fourth largest island in the region, Grand Bahama is second on the list of most popular destinations for visitors to the magical Bahamas. Blessed with wonderful beaches and a host of activities for visitors to enjoy, Grand Bahama lies just 55 miles from the Florida coast at its West End community. The island is 530 square miles in size and divided into 3 main parts.

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The East End of the island is a non-commercial haven of isolated beaches and quaint settlements. Taking a trip to this side of the island can be very rewarding if you seek some time away and great opportunities to relax in seclusion.
The white sands are glorious, as elsewhere in the region, with coconut palms and glistening seas. Shallow waters make conditions excellent for swimming, and the lush vegetation that borders the beaches can be very picturesque indeed.
Lucaya (Freeport) is the main town on the island, and the center for tourist activity. As a commercial and industrial hub on the island it has everything you’d expect in terms of attractions and conveniences. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to meet the needs of travelers who want a touch of luxury on their holiday.
Though Lucaya is the main tourist town on Grand Bahama, West End is actually the capital. Activity in this area dates back to the days when pirates and bootleggers made use of the island. These days it’s a laid back fishing village with picturesque churches, quaint restaurants and atmospheric bars. The main tourist attraction in West End is now the Old Bahama Bay resort, which attracts many visitors each year, and is well equipped to service the beautiful beaches nearby.
One attraction on the island is the straw market. For Bahamian women in the early 1940’s the plaiting of straw was a major industry. This market is to be found on the western edge of the Port Lucaya marketplace, and is a showcase for the many artisans on the island who sell their jewelry, carved goods and straw handicrafts.
The first botanical garden on the island was the Garden of the Groves, and today it’s an excellent place to visit for those who appreciate natural wonders. Visitors can enjoy in excess of 10,000 different species of trees, plants and flowers, all of which attract a dazzling array of butterflies and birds.
It would be almost impossible to choose a favorite beach on the island, but Gold Rock Beach in the protected Lucayan National Park has everything that’s wonderful about this part of the world. There are tropical trees, lush vegetation and a mangrove ecosystem exists behind the sands. Accessed via bus or car, the beach has limited amenities but visitors can take advantage of picnic tables and barbecue facilities. Views from the beach are truly spectacular. The seas are calm and shallow and feature the magical blues of postcard images we’re all familiar with.
With a rich history and some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty anywhere on Earth, Grand Bahama Island is the place for a holiday of a lifetime.

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