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Long Island, Bahamas

One destination that exemplifies all that’s best about the Bahamas is Long Island. With spectacular cliffs, majestic beaches and some of the best diving opportunities anywhere, it’s difficult to imagine a more perfect setting for a holiday in the sun.

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The most appropriate word to use when describing Long Island is dramatic. The ancient reef has two distinct sides that meet in the middle to create some of the most picturesque scenery anywhere in the Bahamas.
On one side the cliffs and caves face the mighty Atlantic waves, while the other side features sandy beaches with gently lapping crystal waters. Vantage points offer visitors tremendous views that are never to be forgotten.
The original name of the island was ‘Yuma’, which was given to it by very early Arawak inhabitants. Christopher Columbus renamed it ‘Fernandina’ on his monumental voyage of 1492, on which it is believed to have been his third stop.
Long Island, Bahamas
Archaeological evidence shows that the Lucayan Taino tribes once settled on Long Island, most likely inhabiting its extensive cave system. Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution came next to the island, and by the 1790’s cotton plantations had sprung up, serviced by the notorious save trade. Most had been abandoned by abolition times, but the descendants of plantation workers still inhabit the island. Many historical ruins are still in evidence, and some buildings continue to feature styles of yesteryear, with thatched roofs and a distinct rustic charm.
Long Island is home to one of the most well established diving operations in the Bahamas. Serious enthusiasts form all over world come to enjoy the waters off this 80-mile long paradise. Shallow and deep-water diving sites are numerous, but the island is perhaps most well known for Dean’s Blue Hole. At over 600ft, this is the deepest blue hole that’s been recorded in the Bahamas.
Fishing enthusiasts will delight at what Long Island has to offer. Vast schools of fish inhabit the waters around the coral heads, and the waters attract a plethora of wonderful sea life. There are organized trips and places to rent equipment. Some choose to fish off the rocks, which offer excellent natural platforms.
The beaches on Long Island are so spectacular that it would be an impossible task to decide which is the most attractive. Having said that, the shoreline of Cape Santa Maria has been cited time and time again as one of the best beaches in the entire world. With bright white sands and calm, shallow sapphire waters, this beach has everything a visitor could want. There are facilities nearby and the sands seem made for romantic moonlit walks and spectacular sunset vistas.
With its sloping hills, majestic cliffs and awe-inspiring beaches, Long Island presents a landscape of dramatic contrasts. There are quaint, homely villages to be found and miles of uninterrupted sands for those seeking quiet places to enjoy the natural beauty. Add to these aspects the activities on offer, and the recipe is for a holiday to speak about for many years to come.
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