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Turneffe beach, Belize

Turneffe Beach is one of the treasures of Belize. It is located on the Turneffe Atoll about 25 miles off the Belize mainland. This is an extremely popular diving area with over an impressive number of diving sites; divers visit from all over the world to see the impressive coral. Fishing is also a popular pastime. The marine life that can be seen here is unlike anything seen elsewhere in the Caribbean. Turneffe Beach is also a firm favorite for people who just want to kick back and enjoy relaxing in this tropical paradise.

Turneffe beach, Belize

Turneffe Beach as made up of miles of white sands that looking look picture perfect. Most of the visitors to the island will sign up for diving as it really is too good to be missed. The sunsets on the island are particularly spectacular and this is a great time of day to be on the beach.

Turneffe beach, Belize
The population of the island varies greatly over the year and many people rely on fishing to sustain themselves; although tourism now also provides many with a living. The Maya people have been using this area for fishing since about 450AD. This was also once a very popular destination for pirates but thankfully those days are now gone.
There are hundreds of exotic fish and other wildlife to see locally. The tropical fish population consists of hundreds of different species and there are also dolphins and giant jellyfish. Turneffe Atoll is also home to turtles, crocodiles, reef sharks, West Indian Manatees, and giant Jew fish. There are also sixty different bird species to be seen locally.
Things to do on Turneffe Beach
Marine ecotourism is a big attraction as people come to admire the biodiversity in the area. Those visitors who are not interested in diving can still get to enjoy the underwater sights by snorkeling. You will have no problem finding a diving company if you want to explore further underwater, and if you have never done this before you will really find this a great place to learn.

Other options include learning how to cook some of the local dishes; as you would expect fish is an important ingredient. Belizean cooking classes are available at a number of locations, and the best thing is that you get to eat what you make.

Fishing is another hugely popular activity locally and you will have no excuse for coming home empty handed. Saltwater fly fishing is available locally and there are hundreds of possible fishing spots nearby. Many visitors just come purely for the chance to fish and talk about their exploits later in the bar.

Many visitors to Turneffe Beach are happy just to spend their time in a hammock; possibly enjoying a nice fruit shake or something stronger. This is a great place to just chill out with a good book or just people watch. If you work hard the rest of the year you will find that time spent here feels like heaven.
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