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Cayo Coco, Cuba

Pristine ivory sands luxuriously stretched to reach warm turquoise waters, all-inclusive resorts eager to please, and Caribbean wildlife coexisting in harmonious balance – all of this is what makes Cayo Coco so special. A favored destination for travelers, Cayo Coco calls to those who have visited her beaches before and summons new worshipers daily. Many choose this beach, with its virgin atmosphere, as their second home and never regret a single moment lost to her sunny charms.

Cayo Coco, Cuba

Water-lovers have a right to be excited about the prospects inherent here, as the diving and snorkeling claim such a variety of sea life, it is akin to swimming in an aquarium. The coral reefs, exotic underwater landscapes and teeming sea life make for breathtaking sub-surface views and unforgettable experiences. This is truly nature at her most colorful and provocative exposed to the fortunate visitor. All manner of water activities can be found here, such as catamaran cruises, deep sea fishing, wind sailing and kayaking.

Cayo Coco, Cuba
Enjoy a break from the beach to explore other adventures Cayo Coco offers her guests. If bird watching is a favorite pastime, there is perhaps no better place for that than Cuba. This island especially boasts one of the largest wild flamingo populations in the world, and birds to be spotted include woodpeckers, hummingbirds, pelicans, a variety of duck species, herons and cormorants. Include time for a sugar mill tour, speeding there by boat over fresh water lakes and through mangrove forests. You can also book a steam train excursion through cane fields or visit a crocodile farm.
Do not neglect day trips off the island, which can usually be arranged by the front desk of your hotel. Cities like Havana or Trinidad are an excellent addition to the itinerary, or something closer like Ciego de Avila, which can be reached by bus. From there, taxis can be taken to other destinations, including cigar factory tours and shopping areas, or rent a car, moped or bike and explore on your own time. There is also a bus that runs the natural causeway between Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo to explore both beach areas and the history they share. Nightclubs and nightlife are abundant, sassy and rich. Drink in the delights of a world-class restaurant, learn to salsa and enjoy an evening show at the Melia.
Named after the white ibis, which locally are called coconut birds, Cayo Coco closely pinpoints the middle of Cuba. One of many in the chain of small islands, or cays, called the King’s Garden archipelago, it is the fourth largest Cayo in the chain. Ernest Hemingway himself spent time writing and fishing in Cayo Coco, which played a part in some of his works and has since become recognized as a vacationer’s dream destination. All-inclusive resorts are the standard on Coco beach, allowing for easy vacations in a stress-free, natural climate, and many who have visited heed the pull of the heart, waiting for the moment to return and embrace beauty again. Ripe with endless possibilities, gorgeous moments, spectacular sights and relaxation without equal, choose Cayo Coco for your next island paradise getaway.

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