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Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo del Sur, also called simply Cayo Largo, is a beautiful expanse of powdery, white sand set against inviting, turquoise waters. Virgin beach front, coral reefs and native fauna all combine to make this islet one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

Cayo Largo, Cuba

It is not just the breathtaking sight of the landscape that elevates this beach above others, it is also the atmosphere. On this sparsely populated limestone island, the feeling of true removal from the hectic pace of the modern world is quite palpable. With only a few boutiques scattered about and no major centers of distraction, it is not unlike being a castaway on a gorgeous deserted island, with the help of some resorts nearby, of course.

Cayo Largo, Cuba
Cayo Largo del Sur is 15.5 miles long and 1.9 miles wide, making it the second biggest island in the Canarreos Archipelago. In its past, both Sir Francis Drake and Christopher Columbus stood upon its shores, stunned by its beauty. To the north of the islet, mangrove forests stand tall and green among the salt flats, helping to curb erosion and adding a great deal to the coastal environment. To the south lap the crystalline waters so clear one can see the ocean bed underneath.
Catamaran cruises are popular excursions here, with diving and snorkeling remaining huge attractions thanks to the lush variety of tropical fish and sea life living among the coral reefs. Waters are calm and warm, not surfing-friendly, but perfect for the sunbather who seeks relaxation. Animal spotting is also a fun pastime. Iguanas roam here, inland, and look for the pelicans, parrots, herons and chelonians. Cayo Largo boasts a balance with nature that is as perfect as it gets. Certainly, rent some transport and take a personal adventure around the island, marveling at the landscapes and natural beauty.
All hotels and resorts are located within three miles of the airport, and the remainder of the island is undeveloped and pristine, allowing its natural beauty to stay intact. No locals live on Cayo Largo, save those who work in the resorts. Interestingly, they live in apartments in a small village called Isla del Sol, but only for 20 days before embarking back to their families off the keys. A single paved road connects the village to the airport and the hotel zone. While there are other smaller roads, they are primarily sandy paths.
For the visitor, all of this combines to offer a truly unique, natural paradise that is largely untouched by development and offers unmatched relaxation and privacy. The gentle trade winds, fine sand and exquisite blue-green waters combined with excellent food, impeccable and friendly service, unspoiled bird and animal life, black coral beds and divine undersea scenery, make Cayo Largo a consistent top choice for newcomers to Cuba, as well as returning travelers. If big cities, restaurant chains, a howling night life and raucous surf are what you are after, this may not be the vacation spot for you. But, if you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and resort hospitality, as well as a chance to enjoy nature in uncommon purity, you have found the destination of your dreams.

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