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Playa Esmeralda, Cuba

Playa Esmeralda is a shining gem with limpid, green waters for which it received its name. This beautiful beach is a 90-meter stretch of pale sand protected seaside by coral reefs and hedged by gleaming cliffs, straight slopes and lush vegetation on the inland side. Like a forgotten secret, this beautiful paradise cove stays hidden from larger boats and is just waiting for the fortunate traveler to discover her.

Playa Esmeralda, Cuba

There is a vast amount of enjoyment to be taken from this beach, from its calm, warm waters to its equatorial sun, which is perfect for a lazy lounge in a hammock. This emerald-watered beach is like a new Eden. Naturally, waters like these are always ripe for excellent diving, snorkeling and swimming. The ocean floor here is riddled with underwater grottos, high sea beds, valleys, cliffs and hillocks, which are home to a huge array of tropical sea life and offer complex landscape just waiting to be explored by the intrepid visitor.

Playa Esmeralda, Cuba

Also ready to experience are sail boarding, wind surfing or even catamaran sailing. Not to be missed is the amazing aquarium at the Bahía de Naranjo Natural Reserve where the pinnacle adventure is swimming with dolphins, often the highlight of a Playa Esmeralda excursion. Those who enjoy an evening out after a long day at the beach might also want to indulge in the Cuban nightlife where you can lose yourself in throbbing beats and swirling bodies on the dance floor. Visit nearby cities and towns for shopping, local cuisine and to run elbows with the friendly people of the area.
Located only 5 kilometers from Guardalavaca, plan a day trip to visit this charming city that balances the best of modern convenience and authentic old-world atmosphere. Guardalavaca is also ideally located for exploring sister islands to the east, such as Baracoa, which boasts the world’s best hot chocolate, or Santiago de Cuba, which is known for its numerous festivals and carnivals. As the second biggest city in Cuba, it has an even bigger passion for salsa and carnival, with a distinct Afro-Cuban heritage. Baracoa itself is Cuba’s first city, founded back in the early 16th century, and holds a great deal of historical significance. Explore the traditional wooden buildings still preserved there.
Rent a motorbike or bicycle and take a leisurely drive around the area, enjoying the sugar plantations that line the undulating lanes and were once the area’s main economical source. With warm, tropical days and nights filled with seaside trade winds, there is no end to the possibilities available here and no limit to stress-free living.
Playa Esmeralda and the surrounding area are home to luxurious hotels and resorts, some replete with personal garden villas and private butlers. Whatever is fancied in accommodations, it can be found here, enhancing the beach’s status as a hidden paradise. Relax, lounge, indulge and explore. Snorkel, dive and swim with wild dolphins that come and go as they please, but are willing to plant a kiss or two on their human companions.

You will find everything you desire in a vacation getaway when you visit the beautiful Playa Esmeralda.

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