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Playa Pilar, Cuba

If baby powder could be used to make a shoreline, it would look like the sands of Playa Pilar, a gorgeous white strip of pristine, talcum-fine beach showing off the best of the Cuban Caribbean. Calm waters lie over the shallow ocean bed like blue glass, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful stretch of beach anywhere in the world.

Playa Pilar, Cuba

Pilar beach should be a mandatory stop on any itinerary, as it would be deeply regretful to miss. Swimming is sublime here, and sunbathing is without equal; with few people about, it makes for an incredibly relaxing time. You also should not pass up the opportunity for a catamaran cruise or glass bottom boat ride out to the reef, which offers a picturesque voyage followed by spectacular glimpses of tropical fish and other sea animals.

Playa Pilar, Cuba
Farther out is a tiny islet called Half Moon Island and from Playa Pilar, you can rent a catamaran, and then take your time exploring this little uninhabited stretch of sand and trees. A self-made adventure, a trip to this small island offers a leisurely, relaxing break after a morning of SCUBA diving or exploring inland areas. You may also want to indulge in some snorkeling off Half Moon, or simply enjoy your time relaxing in the rare opportunity to have an entire island to yourself.
Given that the cayos, or keys, are hotel strips, this little beach refreshes the body and soul with its open, sparsely populated sand and surf. This is truly an isolated beach, groomed and – for a few more years, at least – free of island resorts or hotels. It offers a juice bar and a single, delicious restaurant that serves fish, chicken and pork. Make sure to order lunch ahead of time for guaranteed meals. The rustic eatery is very well-priced and includes choice of lobster.
This gorgeous beach is a short trip from Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo by taxi, though there is a public beach bus that stops at most major resorts to pick up passengers on its way to Playa Pilar. Once you disembark from the bus, there is a wooden walkway that bears you over the sand and delivers you to a most amazing sight: Pilar simply unfolds before the visitor and shamelessly offers her delights. Cost for the trip per person includes return fare with the latest return being 5pm. At the beach, visitors will find shade huts and can rent seating, like beach lounger chairs, for a very small amount.
The beaches in the keys are all lovely, but Playa Pilar possesses the majesty of no other and is, quite simply, a perfect beach that echoes the images of our greatest day dreams. In terms of relaxation and solitude, Pilar is perfection perfected, and is an absolute must-see during a Cuban vacation. Child-friendly for its stiller waters, but also perfect for a romantic stroll, Playa Pilar is an ideal choice for a day away from every distraction, where the fortunate traveler finds connection between themselves and the ocean.

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