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Puerto Escondido beach, Cuba

Puerto Escondido, Cuba is a lovely beach nestled in the rural part of the province of Havana. It claims powdery white sands cradled on one side by cliffs that soar up to 300 feet and are lush with flora, and on the other side by the warm, crystalline ocean. The sea is the main attraction here, with clear, shallow waters teeming with sea life. Coral beds, underwater grottos and abundant tropical fish ensure that Puerto Escondido ranks high on the diver's or snorkeler's list.

Puerto Escondido beach, Cuba

If fish-spotting is not in the plans, there are many other adventures waiting. Sticking to the water, one can rent a rowboat, learn to sail or indulge in parasailing, wind sailing and kayaking. Horseback riding, hiking and renting bikes on which to explore this beautiful area are also visitor favorites.

Puerto Escondido beach, Cuba

Day trips are quick and easy from this location and there is much to see nearby. Travel to Puerto Escondido's sister beaches, Jibacoa, El Fraile, El Abra and Boca de Jaruco. Jibacoa beach offers the rare opportunity to explore the sunken wreck of a cargo ship – the eponymously named Jibacoa. There is also a military ship called the Sparta, waiting in the sunny depths. Once used by military for target practice, they have since become favorite landmarks for the diving community. The Jibacoa lies so shallowly, it can be seen from the surface, and the Sparta rests on its side, still adorned in all its ropes, ladders and mounted guns. The waters, so bright and clear, make this a truly spectacular attraction.
Also in close proximity to Puerto Escondido lies el Peñón del Fraile, a small, clean beach with calm waters. Gorgeous marine landscapes, both in and above the water, await the visitor here. For an uncommon experience, check out the oil wells not too far away, which have vastly contributed to the wealth of the area, boosting its economy and allowing it to become the modern haven it is.
Not to be missed is the main city of la Habana (Havana), the economic, political and cultural center of Cuba. Rich in Spanish history and architecture, la Habana is well known for its warm, humid weather tempered by ocean trade winds. A port city of extreme importance, it is well known for its rum and, of course, its cigars. Fortresses, such as Morro Castle, still loom over the older parts of the city, with its many churches, colonial buildings and narrow streets. The modern part of the city – jeweled by the richly decorated capitol – contrasts with the older areas that boast spacious avenues, immense and splendid houses and stately public buildings.

Puerto Escondido is a quiet beach that is perfectly situated to make an excellent jump off point for a Cuban adventure. It makes the perfect home base to return to, as well, with its welcoming sights and beautiful visage. Warm, pale sand and blue Caribbean waters rock the visitor to sleep each night with their enchanting lullaby of gently sweeping waves.

With ultra-modern conveniences and fantastic hotels from which to choose, Puerto Escondido has numerous marvels to offer, or just sit back, sip on a cocktail and savor the breeze that pulls off the ocean. Whatever is desired, this beach guarantees a great time.

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