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Varadero beach, Cuba

Considered by many to be the most beautiful shoreline in the world, Varadero Beach, stretched along Cuba's sunny coast, dazzles as a tropical escape for world-weary visitors. Spanish poet Fredrico Garcia Lorca relaxed here and the American millionaire Irénée du Pont Nemours established his residence, named Xanadu, under the welcoming Varadero sun. Offering over 20 kilometers of shimmering, powdery white sand, there is no shortage of activities in which to indulge.

Varadero beach, Cuba

This acclaimed beach is strategically positioned on a peninsula with a wealth of local history, historical sites and natural wonders awaiting exploration. The Santa Catalina Cave, hiding over eight kilometers of tunnels and passageways, holds evidence of pre-Columbian habitation, and Ambrosio Cavern secrets away over 70 American Indian ceremonial paintings. Zapata National Park boasts the largest wetlands in the entire Caribbean and even claims some crocodile farms. Visit Xanadu or explore the generous spattering of virgin cays easily accessible off the beach peninsula.

Varadero beach, Cuba

Day trips are convenient and varied; Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a romantic city with a past of slavery, adventure and unique architecture. Havana is only 140 kilometers away and invites the visitor to delve into its rich colonial history. Cala Buena, eight kilometers from Playa Giron, proudly offers some of the most amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities available.
However, relaxing on the white sand of Varadero Beach is an activity in itself, and one to be savored. The green sparkling waters are a diver's paradise, teeming with tropical fish and beautiful sand formations. The opportunity to become a certified diver is also available. The waters are so pure and clear that the seabed is readily visible and shallow enough for the visitor to take a stroll several meters out into the ocean.
If snorkeling, diving and swimming are not exciting enough, the fortunate visitor has many other options available both on and off the coast. Paragliding, sailboats, aquabikes, rowboats, Catamaran rides, winged boats and yachts are a few of the extra activities offered. For a break from the water, there are several golf courses, a karting track, rentable cars, bicycles and motorbikes for individual exploration, as well as the esteemed Hicacos Natural Reserve. The dolphinarium displays fantastic dolphin shows or the chance to swim with these charming sea mammals. You can also hop on a glass bottom boat and view a sunken frigate or a forgotten submarine.
Nightlife is abundant and rich, with the beach boasting over 100 night and dance clubs. Enjoy throbbing South American rhythms and get lost in the passion of the music. Sip exotic drinks, soak in the gorgeous sunsets blazing across the sky, or indulge in a cabaret-style floor show. Or, take in a movie at the cinema, stroll through an art gallery and partake in an open air theater.
Varadero Beach is home to over 45 hotels, many of which are 4- or 5-star resorts, but every attitude can be catered to, from a 5-star, all-inclusive resort, to camping grounds for a visit closer to nature.

With an emphasis on variety, beauty and fun, Varadero Beach is the perfect place with something for everyone, a true paradise getaway for a holiday of endless adventure or luxurious relaxation without equal.

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