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Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad

Situated on Trinidadís sparsely populated eastern coast, Manzanilla Beach has something really wonderful to offer visitors who venture to its shores. Thereís a distinctly wild feel to the dark sands and the waves, and both the scenery and the wildlife are magnificent. For a beach thatís far enough from the urban centers to be unspoiled, but beautiful enough to attract a decent number of visitors, this place is everything you could hope for.

Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad

At Manzanilla Beach coconuts litter the sands and the vegetation behind the high tide line is decidedly untamed. Thereís a definite personality to this stretch of coast, as water buffalo and wild birds frequent the landscape.

As well as attracting wildlife, this beach is famous for attracting visitors, and those who want to interact can expect to meet a lively crowd of visitors and natives alike. This is one of the prime locations where Trinidadís famous carnival is celebrated each year. When itís carnival time a good many people take the party atmosphere to the beach, where drink flows and the good times roll.
At seventeen miles long, Manzanilla Beach has enough sand to find your own secluded place to relax. It may attract a lot of visitors, but thereís more than enough room for everyone. Given the lack of regular traffic on some parts of the beach, itís wise to take along some footwear because leaves and other vegetation can make it slightly rough. The beach isnít as secluded as it feels when you venture far from amenities. The feeling of being far away from people might be just what some visitors are looking for, and at Manzanilla Beach visitors can have the best of both worlds.
Given its location, this beach is surprisingly well served by facilities. At certain areas there are lifeguards on duty to ensure safety in the water, which makes it a good option for swimmers. This side of the island borders the Atlantic, which means that undertows are common and conditions not optimal for bathing. Thereís a place to purchase snacks and drinks, showers, changing rooms and a substantial car park.
Manzanilla Beach is just 2.5 miles from a turtle nesting area. The warm waters off shore are a safe haven for the endangered creatures, and itís easy to see why the landscape is so inviting for them to lay their eggs. Much of the beachesí personality comes from the fact that thereís a real wilderness around it.
For restaurants and bars, the town of Sangre Grande is very close to Manzanilla Beach. There visitors can sample some real Trinidadian charm to accompany their idyllic days at the beach.
The very best features of Trinidadís coastline are refined at Manzanilla Beach to create a destination rich in character and conducive to serious enjoyment. With wonderful wildlife to see, locals to meet and dreamy surroundings, the shores have everything a heart could desire. Whether you spend the afternoon picnicking or choose to reside at one of the nearby hotels, experiencing this beach is sure to be a delight.
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