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Toco Beach, Trinidad

The northeast coast of Trinidad is a wonderful place to escape to. Tropical beaches are licked by cool Atlantic waves and the white sands provide a warm welcome to visitors seeking relaxation in sublime surroundings. Toco Beach is on the most northerly stretch of coast on Trinidad, in one of the most dramatic settings on the island. It’s a world-class destination for lovers of spectacular shores.

Toco Beach, Trinidad

Toco Beach can be found along Trinidad’s coastal road between Toco and San Souci, and is easily reached by car. The area around the village of Toco is characterized by steep stretches of shoreline with soft white sands that slope toward lush forests and huge palm trees. The bays are small and secluded and the area’s blessed by gentle trade winds that blow throughout the year.
One of the best features of this area is that it remains largely undeveloped. The secluded coves around Toco Beach are perfect for escaping from crowds and finding some real peace and quiet. There’s a very real sense in which visitors can feel like they’re the first to leave their footprints in the sand at the beach, with timeless scenery all around and no throngs of tourists to contend with.
The steep shoreline at Toco Beach makes it ideal as a nesting ground for sea turtles. In nesting season, hundreds of Leatherback Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, in one of the most amazing natural displays to be witnessed anywhere. Given that they’re an endangered species, visitors are encouraged to take care when observing. Those who do witness the spectacle of such magnificent reptiles coming ashore in large numbers are certain never to forget it.
The area around the beach is great for picnics, since huge palm trees offer ample shade from the tropical rays. Breezes coming in off the ocean add to the atmosphere, and it’s hard to imagine anyone not automatically relaxing in such a wonderful setting. Many people stop at the beach on their way along the coast road, taking advantage of the opportunity to relax and absorb the view.
Swimmers won’t find ideal conditions at Toco Beach, since Atlantic swells generally cause rugged waves to form. Those who enjoy water-based activities will find that conditions are good for surfing and other such sports. Fishing is a popular activity further out to sea, and the area has some of the best opportunities to catch large fish anywhere off Trinidad.
Volcanic rocks just out to sea on either side of Toco Beach creating an arresting scene for visitors. Waves crash regularly, sending Atlantic sea mist skyward. The rhythm of the waves is part of the shore’s appeal, and lying back as they hit the rocks can be tremendously atmospheric.
Like most beaches in this area, Toco beach has a small river that wends its way through the lush vegetation behind out to the ocean. Visitors feel themselves surrounded by natural wonders and there’s a true sense in which the elements are accentuated to provide a real taste of paradise.
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