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Batemans Bay, Australia

Once a sleepy fishing town, Batemans Bay underwent expansive build-up and alteration to become the sophisticated township it now is, yet was able to keep the charm and small town feel of its younger days. Batemans Bay has blossomed and now thrives as a picturesque getaway boasting some of the cleanest, freshest water in the world, the most pristine and unspoiled coastline, and some of the best seafood anywhere.

Batemans Bay, Australia

Batemans Bay offers just about everything from renowned fishing spots to swimming beaches and choice surfing waves, and even over to golf. This lovely town has it all. The bay is comprised of many aspects: mountains, lakes, river mouths, beaches and ocean. The only thing not included here is a desert, but there is plenty of sand. Beaches can either border the Pacific Ocean or a nice long arm of the rivers that branch through the area. Nearer town, you have a chance to laugh and talk with the locals, but it is popular to strike out and try finding your own beach. There is such a plethora in the bay, that all tastes and desires are satisfied. Some beaches are calmer for swimming, snorkeling and family picnics; others have rougher breaks and are havens for surfers, boogie boarders and body surfers. Look for rock pools and other rock formations for fascinating exploration of water life. Sailboats can be rented for further exploration or fishing ventures, with other water sports equipment for hire as well.

Batemans Bay, Australia
Diversity means variety of attractions and activities, ensuring you never get bored, though lazing a day away on a beach is hardly boredom. This township is nothing if not tranquil, but also stocked with bushwalks, trekking, oyster farming and bird watching. Lots of native wildlife is here for spotting, too, such as bandicoots, wallabies, kangaroos, sea eagles and, if you are fortunate, you might even see a platypus or wombat.
Nearby are a handful of national parks and protected land, teeming with flora and fauna. You can camp at these sites, but they are rugged and wild. The temperature is moderate enough to enjoy this natural beauty year round. Deua National Park is all about its wild rivers and waterways. Montague Park is relegated to guided tours only to help protect its inhabitants of penguins, other seabirds and seals. Murramang National Park secures some delicate beaches, interesting rock formations and rugged headlands. Eurobodalla National Park can be accessed via Princes Highway and protects estuaries, wetlands, waterways and catchment systems. Plan on renting a car to see all of the magnificent parks in the area, and kindly help keep these shelters pristine and free from litter.
Not to be overlooked is the historic town of Mogo, an old mining town and gold rush site. It boomed very quickly in 1857, and then died back down almost as fast, leaving a quaint, old-world town behind it. Recently it has been restored and revamped, and now draws a huge crowd to its stellar zoo, its miner’s theme park and its Mogo bushwalk. New buildings add to the atmosphere of the original, everything keeping in mind the feel of the town in its glory. Goldfields Park is perfect for a family picnic and provides BBQ pits and picnic tables, a tennis court, boat ramps, playground and heated pool. Tour through an underground mine or explore a 120-year-old miner’s cottage.
Batemans Bay is a town of possibilities and endless entertainment. There is so much to see and do, that a lazy day at the beach becomes a good place to clear the head. Making the most of a vacation is as easy as lodging at Batemans Bay, then letting nature guide you where she will, and enjoying every minute of it.
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