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Bondi Beach, Australia

With the yellow sands of the shore looking for all the world like a crescent moon, Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Sydney, is arguably the most popular beach in the entirety of Australia. The bay, with its extra-wide strip of sand, appears to be a bite or spoonful taken out of the land itself. The water that rushes up over it is stunning in shades of blue and green, with frothy white caps. On hot, busy days, it holds upwards of 30,000 visitors and has the acreage to do so easily enough.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach is famous for its surfing conditions, and draws in many professional surfers year-round. There are designated areas on the beach for surfing, body surfing and swimming. Life guards patrol these stretches regularly, as certain areas are marked for avoidance. Please obey the flags; they are placed there for safety. A rock pool graces either end of the beach if the waves get too rough for comfort. The rock pools themselves are filled with sea water, too, for a more natural experience. These pools belong to the Iceberg Club, comprised of avid, year-round swimmers, even in the cold months. A dip here costs about $5 AUD, and is an interesting pastime, as you swim laps while the waves rush in over you.

Bondi Beach, Australia
Bondi is also known for its amazing snorkeling opportunities, especially along the Bondi Wall, which is part of a series of steep limestone cliffs running through some of the best snorkel ground in Australia. Scuba diving is good here, too, though not as fantastic as some other areas in Australia; still, it is worth a look. There is also a cave nearby where one can witness ancient aboriginal art carved into the rock walls.
Connecting Bondi to Coogee Beach six kilometers away is an amazing coastal walk that spans several other beaches and offers breathtaking views and panoramas of the coastline. Many suggest starting on the Coogee end and working towards Bondi for the best visual experience, and other still feel the entire six kilometer walk need not be taken to enjoy the effect. Whatever you choose to believe, make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen, walking shoes and water. Avoid taking this walk during mid-day, as the sun broils around then. If you need a rest during the stroll, those smaller beaches come in handy for a sit or a quick refreshment.
A popular beach means lots of amenities, and Bondi has them aplenty. You can rent lockers for clothes and purses, rent boards for surfing, hire a surfing teacher for lessons and find food, drink, gelato, bathrooms, rinsing water and showers. Souvenir shops line the way to the beach, too, where you can find memorabilia or a new T-shirt to take home. The area around Bondi Beach is loaded with cafes, fast food eateries and sit-down restaurants with fabulous views of the beach. You will also find lots of little shops to browse through off the beach. Bondi is easily accessible through public transportation, buses and taxis.
Bondi attracts quite a diverse crowd, making it great for people watching. Bikers, skaters, cyclists, runners and rollerbladers all find enjoyment here as well. Bondi is often considered more of a lifestyle choice than a beach, and it shows. It should be noted, however, that topless bathing is allowed here and many partake; therefore, while it is a child and family-friendly beach, some parents may feel more comfortable opting for a different bit of coastline for their family outing.
A must-see while in Sydney, Bondi Beach is clean, safe, easy to get to and just plain fun. Whatever you like to do in the water, it can be accommodated here. Often the highlight of a New South Wales trip, do be mindful of seasonal changes, as you might just get to the beach and find it cold and raining. But, event then it is still worth the walk and the view!
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