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Cottesloe Beach, Australia

Overlooking the Indian Ocean in Perth, on the western side of Australia, is the remarkable and unforgettable Cottesloe Beach. This thriving community centers around the beach, which boasts powder-white sands and clean, sparkling sapphire waters. Incredibly picturesque, Cottesloe is a glossy, newer city that has forsaken much of its colonial architecture for its modern sleekness. The beach is an integral piece of the town’s identity and is deeply beloved by its inhabitants, who strive to keep the area scenic and well-maintained.

Cottesloe Beach, Australia

A paradise for those who seek true and deep relaxation, there seems little better place to be than Cottesloe Beach, where life is leisurely, spent in sun, waves, sand and enjoying the natural beauty of the locale. Above the sand are terraced lawns and lush grass for sitting and picnics under the shady trees. Cafes and pubs line busy avenues known for being hedged with towering Norfolk Pines. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a steaming basket of fish and chips while the sun sets in a spectacular blaze behind the ocean.

Cottesloe Beach, Australia
The beach proper is an excellent place for swimming, surfing and snorkeling. With underwater limestone rocks and reefs, kelp beds and sponge gardens, snorkeling especially is a large draw in this town. The limestone pinnacles and platforms offer habitat for some of the rarest sea creatures in the world, like the leafy seadragon and the weedy seadragon. The Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club patrols the beach regularly to keep swimmers and surfers safe. Sea kayaking and kite surfing are popular draws here, too, inside this spectacular, protected bay, as is fishing off the Mudurap Rocks.
Sunday afternoons traditionally see a gathering of locals at the pubs for drink, music and friends. It is the best time to mingle with the residents and get the true feel of the beach community. The Cultural Centre is a plaza composing all the most interesting and valuable cultural sights together in one location. Just west of the city center sprawls Kings Park, utilized by locals for picnics, outdoor theater, cafés, serene walks and stunning scenery.
The enchanting Swan River is another area of nearby interest comprised of grassy, green lands sweeping down to the river’s edge. Here you can enjoy a variety of unique experiences, not to mention the amazing view of the central business district (CBD), with its shining skyscrapers stretching tall to the clouds. Water sports are in full swing at the river, including ski-biscuiting (skiing on an inflatable ring), parasailing, windsurfing and jet skiing. Book a cruise to Freemantle, or even rent a bike or sailboat for your own adventure. Also be sure to visit the Perth Zoo, a scant 5 minutes from the CBD. It is open every day of the year from 9am-5pm and filled with diverse animals and lush settings.
Cottesloe Beach is more than a just a beach; it is a neighborhood, filled with friendly, happy people who live peaceful and relaxing lives. The scenery allows for nothing less, as breathtaking as it is to behold. With the Indian Ocean lazing outside the window and natural beauty surrounding you at all times, it is impossible not to count yourself as monumentally fortunate. Come see for yourself how lucky life can be and create your own unforgettable moments in paradise.
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