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Durras beach, Australia

In the southern end of New South Wales, Australia lays a magical kingdom of nature, wildlife, breathtaking vistas and spectacular panoramic views. Lakes, beaches, coves, rainforests and rugged beauty as rarely seen, all wait for the intrepid explorer, a mere three hours from Sydney. Some would tell you to forget Bondi Beach, the most popular ocean front in Sydney, and go with something more natural, less touristy, more pristine; they would encourage you to drive the extra distance to Durras Beach and the surrounding area. Quite frankly, they would be doing you a kindness by sending you this way, for Bondi in all its glory pales before what awaits you here.

Durras beach, Australia

Durras is a name on many marvelous things this side of Bondi, including a charming town, a gorgeous lake, a mountain and an amazing beach. Durras Beach boasts soft, smooth, white sands and limpid waters in a striking variety of jades and sapphires, looking every bit like the gem it is. This beach is also known to some as Beagle Bay and runs a full 26 kilometers from southern to northern point. Divided by Lake Durras, the beaches here are often referred to as North Durras and South Durras.

Durras beach, Australia
Durras Beach is a great place for surfers, though swimmers may want to be more careful for the riptides that can pull one out to sea unexpectedly. This beach is not patrolled and not the most child-friendly beach, since the strong waves may make it unsuitable for young swimmers. It is a sight to behold, though, and the sand is perfect for castle building, lazing or picnics.
The beach has a number of awesome bushwalking trails for the explorer, winding through stately gum trees and plenty of fernery, with abundant wildlife waiting to be spotted. The grey kangaroo calls these lands home, and they are quite bold. They will happily be photographed and even pet, but please do not feed them. This entire area holds a number of smaller beaches, too, like Pebbly Beach, Surfer Beach, Merry Beach, Pretty Beach, Little Diggers Beach – which is fantastic for swimming – and Depot Beach, but of them all, Durras is the one rated by many to be the best beach on the coast.
Do not keep your visit limited to Durras Beach; Durras Lake is an amazing sight to see, pristine and shining. On the lake, you can swim, fish, canoe and indulge in water activities, BBQ, picnicking and camping. The lake is an estuary, calm and lush, filled with beautiful birdlife and interesting fauna, too. Also, the Murramarang National Park is just across the street. It encompasses almost 12,000 hectares of coastal land, including the four off-shore islands of Wasp Island, O’Hara Island, Grasshopper Island and Dawsons Island. This is where you can see swamp wallabies, grey kangaroos, finches, parrots, sea birds and honey eaters.
In fact, the entire area is ripe for activity of all kind, it is so diverse and accessible, yet harmonized with nature and largely untouched. Available for your fun is boating, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling (the underwater part of the park is just as spectacular as above the waterline), surfing, diving, bushwalking, photography, nature study, hiking, bird watching, beach strolling, camping or simply doing nothing as you soak in the rugged, amazing scenery around you. You can do everything or nothing, as you choose. It is also just 15 minutes from Batemans Bay and Mogo town, an ancient Gold Rush city frozen in time. Take your time here – you will need it to get in everything you want to experience, but it is an experience you will never forget!
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