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Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Queensland, Australia boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in all the country, famous the world over for its many gorgeous beaches and choice surfing territory. It claims the Whitsunday Islands, too, which are a long chain of 74 islets lying on the throat of the Coral Sea like treasured jewels, and nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. If you closed your eyes and imagined the most beautiful beach in the world, it would surely be on one of any of the Whitsunday Islands.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia Where to stay Wondering what's the best place to stay at close to this beach? There are no lodgings on the island as it's a National park but you can book your vacation rental or hotel on one of the islands nearby.
Now perfect that image by adding sands so white and powdery it appears more like snow, and conjuring warm ocean waters of pale jade, turquoise, aqua and teal.
Mix it all with pristine conditions, gentle hills, vibrant greenery, curious turtles and shallows that connect sandbars dotting the shoreline, and you might get close to the majestic glory that is Whitehaven Beach.
Aerial views display the true splendor of Whitehaven; the coast line is not unlike pastel lace twirled around the white finger of the beach, the green of the calm tides alternating in intensity, dancing in ribbons and swirls.


Whitehaven Beach, Australia
It is truly spectacular to behold and best appreciated by helicopter or seaplane, both of which are available for the intrepid explorer.
The sand alone is noteworthy as, at 98% silica, it is among the purest throughout the globe and actually squeaks a bit when walked on. Just a glance reveals why this stretch of snowy sand is among the most photographed and loved beaches in the world, and has been honored with many awards expressing that sentiment.
Arranging to visit Whitehaven generally involves a stop in Airlie Beach on the mainland, and there are several methods available. The most popular and economical way is the modern and well-kept ferry that leaves at various times and takes about an hour and a half to get to Whitehaven.
There are other more extravagant options, too, such as indulgent overnight charters, cruising yachts, or the aforementioned seaplanes and helicopters. More adventurous travelers might even choose kayaking, ocean rafting or jet boating.

Whitehaven is usually a day trip from other resort areas, but certainly does not have to be. No hotels, resorts, or amenities are offered on the beach due to its National and Marine Park status, but camping packages can be purchased and they are quite generous. A ferry trip is there and back with only a few hours to laze between, but camping allows for a leisurely pace and grants the ability to explore the island, as well as others nearby. An archipelago, only 8 of the 74 Whitsunday islands are inhabited, so remote, secluded adventure is practically guaranteed.

You may wonder what else there is to do, beyond the typical sunbathing and sea bathing that can be done at any other beach, less the spectacular talcum powder sands. All manner of water sports can be enjoyed on this island, and snorkeling is king among them. With the Great Barrier Reef so close, things get interesting under the water and at low tides, the view is simply stunning.
Calm waters means easy swimming, so this is not a surfer’s heaven, but for those who like to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding them, Whitehaven truly delivers. Scuba diving, wind surfing and kite surfing are all popular activities, as well.
Part of the Whitehaven experience is the Hill Inlet on the northern end of the islet, an amazing lookout point that presents breathtaking views of the beach itself. It is a short walk up to see so much spread out before you, like the small, deepwater channels that riddle the interior of the island and the deep blues of the horizon.
Hill Inlet is also home of the swirling sands, where the tides shift and churn sand and ocean into an elegant fusion of pale and dark. Take a camera, because you may be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a sea eagle, stingray, or even some baby sharks. Much of the beach is ideal for a champagne picnic, Hill Inlet included, so plan on bringing a cooler and immersing yourself in scenery like no other.
Those who discover Whitehaven Beach are rarely satisfied with only one visit; they become converts and worshippers, eager for their next glimpse of such exhilarating beauty. Keeping it cool and lush is the abundant vegetation and acacia trees that only add to its mythical stature and offer haven for a variety of island animal life. Part of a dream-like archipelago dotting the Coral Sea, Whitehaven Beach is like the most flawless gem in the necklace of the gods: perfect, naturally breathtaking and a true gift of nature.
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