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Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia

Wineglass Bay is one of the most secluded, remote beaches in the world and consistently ranked as one of the best and most beautiful. Its fame for seclusion is well-earned, as the walk to the beach through woodlands takes about an hour, but is very much worthwhile. Wineglass Bay is actually located near Hobart, Tasmania, an island off the southern tip of Australia, right below Melbourne, Victoria. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and the second oldest city in Australia, rich in history, culture and stunning scenery. Indeed, all of Tasmania is renowned for its rugged mountain beauty that naturally co-exists with serene shorelines.

Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia

Freycinet Peninsula, 2.5 hours from Hobart, is the home of Wineglass Bay, and offers natural, breathtaking beauty and plenty of opportunity to bushwalk or hike. The coastline on the Peninsula is pristine, almost virginal, with white, velvet soft sands and lustrous blue seas of alternating color. The one-hour trek through the woods empties you at the site of a lookout point above the bay. Here, you will witness the vast beauty of the region firsthand, then continue down to the beach itself, marveling at the perfection of it, for a swim in the crystalline waters. On the southern end of the beach watch the Hazards – 300-meter high granite rock sheers – burst into pink flame as the sun sets. Make sure to give yourself enough time to pause now and then to fully enjoy the surroundings as you hike down to the bay.

Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia
Twenty percent of Tasmania is a declared national park and Freycinet Peninsula is included in that, meaning the area, while open to the public, practices controlled visitations. All Australia National Parks require an entrance fee, which goes directly back into maintaining the parks. Each park also requires visitors to sign in and out in a registry book. Tour hikes in the area are limited to how many visitors can be taken in at a time, per operation. Many do not exceed 10 visitors per group, and quite a few include overnight camping.
As a national park, no amenities are offered once you start into your walk, so make sure you take everything you need before you head out, especially water for the tougher legs of the trek. Freycinet is not just Wineglass Bay, though that is the major attraction. It also comprises several other beaches, including the Friendly Beaches, which makes it all the more worthwhile to explore more after Wineglass Bay. Activities popular on this peninsula include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, rock pool exploration, kayaking, wild life watching, bicycling, rock climbing and camping.
Wineglass Bay is not simply a one-dimensional beach, it is multi-faceted, with large outcrops of rocks to climb, ultra-powdered sand, amazing flora and fauna, and more to explore with every passing foot step. Tours are well-tuned, informative and exciting, making them the perfect vehicle for an adventurous sight-seeing holiday. The wildlife is so varied, you can catch glimpses of wallabies, swans, Tasmanian Devils, possums, and even dolphins, whales and eagles.
The beaches are not immediately accessible, but that keeps them havens for those who are not afraid to go a little further for amazing, once-in-a-lifetime landscapes. For the adventurous heart, the true lover of nature’s hidden alcoves and wonders, Wineglass Bay Beach on the Freycinet Peninsula is the pinnacle of what amazing sights await your eyes when you are ready to step away from the motorized vehicle and into the realm of natural possibility.
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