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Fiji is an independent island nation in south-western part of the Pacific Ocean, part of Oceania.   The country consists of more than 300 islands, only 100 of them are inhabited. The total area of Fiji is 18,274 sq km. The capital is Suva, which is located on the main island of Viti Levu. Fiji is a mountainous country with hills and mountain ranges. Some of the islands are composed of crystalline rocks such as gneiss, granite, and some are of volcanic origin. Fiji is an explosion of colors, a mixture of emerald, gold, green and brown and a plenty of red, orange, purple and yellow flowers. There is almost no visible horizon here as the blue sky merges with the sea and it seems that the distance is only a vast blue expanse where the world has lost clarity and structure, it is only a feeling of carefree happiness and peace.

Best beaches of Fiji


Beqa island

Kadavu island

Malolo island

Mana island

Beqa island beach

Kadavu island beach

Malolo island beach

Mana island beach

Taveuni island

Turtle island

Vanua Levu island

Vatulele island

Taveuni island beach

Turtle island beach

Vanua Levu island beach

Vatulele island beach

Viti Levu island

Vomo island

Wadigi island

Wakaya island

Viti Levu island beach

Vomo island beach

Wadigi island beach

Wakaya island beach


Viti Levu is the main and the most visited tourist island of Fiji. There are two major resort areas: Nadi and Denarau island. Nadi is Fiji's tourist gate with the international airport and multiple hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants, good beaches and clear sea. Denarau is a small island for those who likes exclusive holidays. Located just offshore, connected by small bridge, 25 minutes by road from the international airport. The beach on Denarau stretches for a couple of miles and makes for great beach walking - however, the sand is brownish from the nearby mangrove swamps and the sea is usually too murky for snorkelling.
Beqa is a small island, famous for its unique flora and fauna. One of the best known diving destinations in Fiji and once christened "The Mecca of Pacific Diving", Beqa Island lies just 13 kilometres south of the southern coast of Viti Levu and to the north of Kadavu. The area was famed for its incredibly varied sites which were home to some great bommies and rocky pinnacles as well as some of the best pelagic fish encounters in Fiji.

Wadigi island - located in the group of Mamanuka islands near Viti Levu. Wadigi Island will greet you with rejuvenating sunrises and breathtaking sunsets as you relax in the infinity pool. Stroll and sun yourself on one of your two private beaches and immerse yourself in the crystal clear lagoon of Wadigi Island while experiencing some world class snorkelling.

Wakaya island  Surrounded by a coral reef,  the island hase some beautiful  lagoons, spectacular cliffs and untouched white sand beaches.

Vanua Levu, formerly known as Sandalwood Island, is the second largest island of Fiji. Although there is not an extensive amount of beaches on Vanua Levu, there are some good ones, many of which have been used to good advantage by several resorts and private villas. The main tourist area of Vanua Levu is in the region from Savusavu east towards Buca Bay. There are some offshore islands also, such as Nukubati and Namenalala - these have excellent white sand beaches.
Vatulele is a medium-sized island, a fashionable town, famous for the fact that there is the most expensive hotel in Fiji. The island of Vatulele sits south of the Coral Coast and is south of Fiji's largest island, Viti Levu. The island faces directly onto the South Pacific Ocean, but is protected by a magnificent barrier reef, which forms an extensive lagoon.

Vomo island attracts fans of sports and outdoor activities - hiking in the woods, mountain climbing, scuba diving, windsurfing fishing, catamarans, kayaks. Its a very beautiful island with gorgeous beaches, lagoons, rainforests and emerald fields. Vomo Island Resort is only 15 minutes by helicopter or seaplane from Nadi Airport.

Dolphin island is a small private island, just a short drive from Viti Levu. There is only one hotel and two small houses directly on the warm sand by the sea. There are splendid coral reefs around the island with colorful fish. This private island is a paradise located near the mainland, surrounded by crystal-clear, turquoise water, wafted by soft sea breezes with beautiful sunsets, framed by palm trees - truly heaven.

Kadavu island is situated approximately 90 kilometers south of the main island of Viti Levu and is Fiji's fourth largest.
Malolo island is located 25 km from Viti Levu and is part of Mamanuka island groups.

Mana island is also located near the main island. Another place of worship for divers who come here from all over the world. The island has an elongated shape, a narrow strip of land between the northern and southern coast. Mana island is the largest of the Mamanuca Island resorts located in the heart of the island group. Mana Island is a long thin island surrounded by white sand and the resort encompasses the western half straddling the main southern beach and the quieter northern beach. There's lots of water activities, good snorkelling and great walks around the island with stunning views from its gentle hilltops.

Taveuni island is located near Vanua Levu. This is probably the best coral island in the world. Just because of this island Fiji is called the world's capital of soft corals. Taveuni is well-known as a destination for soft adventure holidays and tours. The island is not especially known for its beaches though it does have some of the most beautiful beaches in Fiji. Most of them are located on the northern shores of the island near Matei and Lavena.

Turtle island, being one of Mamanuka group, it iis a private resort, which can take only 30 people. Its truly a unique corner of the planet. Recognized worldwide as the site of the “Blue Lagoon” films, Turtle Island is becoming legendary for even more reasons. Turtle Island may be the world’s best location for secluded, sumptuous picnic lunches complete with the finest wines from around the world, Champagne, succulent meals, and tantalizing pastries dropped off for you by boat or cart.
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