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Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Translated to mean heavenly sea, Lanikai Beach in East Oahu lives up to its given name with picture-perfect aplomb and seascape vistas. Swept with sparkling white sands and blessed with limpid, glassy turquoise waters, Lanikai stretches for a mile of gorgeous scenery, complete with swaying palm trees, shallow waters that gradually give way to the sea, and twin islands in the background only a mile away from the south shore of the beach.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
Mokumanu and Mokulua are the two small islands in the distance, clearly visible from the sands of Lanikai. Boaters, and even seasoned swimmers, visit the twins often, the larger of the two offering a sandy beach perfect for picnics. This miniature beach haven is popular with surfers, swimmers, snorkelers and boaters. The sister islands are set seaward of Lanikai reef, subjecting them to high waves, especially during winter months. Take extra caution when walking on the windward side of either islet.
The shimmering waters of Lanikai are fenced by a protective offshore reef, creating ideal swimming conditions and calm, lagoon-like waters. Water enthusiasts may wish to indulge in some of the favorite pastimes here, including windsurfing, outrigger canoeing, kayaking, surfing and sailing. Like its sister beach, Kailua, Lanikai is accessible only through a public path that cuts through a residential neighborhood, along the backside of some privately owned houses. Please respect the property of the individuals who own these homes if you take the public path.
Lanikai also shares the same space, almost, as Kailua; the two are the same stretch, but separated by a scenic viewpoint just beyond a boat landing. Kailua is the larger of the two beaches at two miles long, but Lanikai is considered the more beautiful of the two, though opinions on the matter may be subjective. Obviously, the only way to determine which is the better beach, would be to go personally, visit both, and establish a fair personal judgment.
Lanikai does not have lifeguards or amenities, though Kailua has some it can share, including bathrooms, showers and picnic benches. A twenty minute walk from the beach can provide you with eateries, local cuisine and juice bars. Hawaii, especially Oahu, is famous for its diverse food and popular dishes, like the Loco Moco, which should be eaten at least once while on the island, and has been featured on the Travel Channel show, Drive-ins, Dives and Diners. Oahu offers excellent fare in the vein of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and American flare stylings.
Oahu has much to offer and see by way of attractions, such as Sea Life Park, Paradise Park, Hanama Bay, the Blow Hole, the Nuuanu Pali Look Out for fabulous and wind-blown panoramics of Oahu’s windward side, the Polynesian Cultural Center, free luaus, hula dance demonstrations, a night market on Waikiki Beach, an authentic China Town and so much more. Historical, beautiful, livable, Oahu never fails to delight, and Lanikai Beach is one of its more stunning, enviable sites. Like a gift from the gods, Lanikai is healing balm for the eyes, heart and soul of all who find her shores.
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